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Posted by: Catherine Gibbons, 22 Jan 2006 4:25PM
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Aromatherapy - safety of oils post heart surgery

A client has heard from a friend that 'scented oils may be contra indicated after coronary bypass surgery' - has anyone any evidence or experience which would confirm this? I have previously treated with oils in a similar case with beneficial results and no reported problems. Catherine G


Judith Soames
2 Feb 2006 10:36PM

Catherine, You do not say how recent the surgery was, however I assume it was very recent and so I would advise against using oils which would raise blood pressure and instead select gentle, soothing oils. Oils to avoid would be peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, pine, clove, thyme, cajeput. Jude
Hi I've had heart surgery and had a full body aromatherapy massage after a few months recovery period, I really enjoyed it and it really helped relax me. I'm a level 3 beauty & holistic therapist myself and have been practicing for many years, a coleague offered to do the massage and was extremely careful to avoid the new scar tissue, I found the oils and massage itself really helpful and wouldnt hesitate offering this treatment with the clients GPs permission and as long as there were no concerns about the clients post surgery health. I think as long as you are given GP approval, avoid the new scar tissue, use light pressure as my friend did and avoid using oils which are stimulating etc, there shouldnt be any problems. My coleague only used half the ratio of oil on me and we both thouroughly checked the types of oils suitable. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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