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Posted by: Victoria Page, 23 Aug 2015 10:34PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils


Linda Morrissey
23 Aug 2015 10:56PM

Victoria Thank you for your post on the forum - I've no idea why it was sent to me though ! You do sound passionate about essential oils - but I have found most Aromatherpists are - don't you ? What would have been helpful would have been to include the website address of your wonderful oils - so if other therapists were inspired - they could have a look and read a bit more about them. I've just had a quick look online - but only found a site in America and nothing about the wonderful energy you mention. Perhaps you could share their contact detail. Many thanks.
Victoria Page
23 Aug 2015 11:21PM

Hey Linda, thanks for your lovely reply. Yes, you're right, Aromatherapists do love essential oils and these ones have inspired me all over again. I would imagine all therapists are passionate about what they do as our drives tend to be vocational and a feeling we're here to make a difference and to be of service - I know that's true of me anyway. I did post my website link on the forum post so people can find out more and maybe also be inspired ;) here it is again for you: www.vip-therapies.com doTERRA is an American company which is why a search would take you there. Their essential oils hit the UK via a few ladies introducing them here three years ago, so although early days I think people will be hearing a lot more about them in the future because they stand out. As to why the the CThA sent you the forum post link, you must have subscribed to the DISCUSSION ABOUT TREATMENTS so you'll be notified of posts that come in under it, it's easy to unsubscribe. Every now and again I check what I'm subscribed to. There's some great posts on there! Anyway, thanks again for responding so promptly. Victoria
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