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Posted by: Helen Rae Coleman, 19 Jan 2013 11:56AM
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Bergers disease - massage

Hi, I have had an enquiry from someone who has Bergers disease, or chronic kidney nephropathy. He wants a back, neck and shoulder massage, has had massage before and doesn't feel the need to consult his doctor. He said it doesn't affect him at all and would never know he had it until the doctor told him. Is it safe to treat this person? (of course I will ask him to sign a disclaimer) Thanks, Helen


Sue Hannaford
19 Jan 2013 12:44PM

Hi Helen Having done a quick bit of investigation on the web, I am assuming that, when he enquired about treatment, you asked him a question about any conditions. The reason I say this is that generally it appears to not affect normal life (unless of course it progresses to complete kidney failure) which could be why he is being fairly laid back about it. Here are a couple of links you might find interesting. http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/IgA-Nephropathy-(Berger's-Disease).htm http://www.kidney.org.uk/Medical-Info/kidney-disease/Iga.html#6 The second link seems to explain it clearly and simply. One of your initial consultation questions will, I assume, include how he manages the condition (medication, life style changes etc). This will also be useful information to you to gauge where he is with the disease. Hope this helps a little. If he really doesn't want you to contact his GP, you could contact the National Kidney Federation for more advice. Regards Sue
Nicki Lee
19 Jan 2013 1:26PM

Hi Helen, It's awkward when people don't want to talk to their GP about something like this. Obviously you can't force him, but you also don't have to treat him unless you feel entirely comfortable doing so. It may be true that it's not affecting him at all, or possibly he could be in denial about the condition and it's affects on him - this would not be an usual response to a chronic disease or condition. It's up to you to decide if you feel it's safe to treat him. Best of luck, Nicki
Sue Hannaford
19 Jan 2013 2:06PM

I agree with Nicki. Ultimately it is his and your decision, though it is a shame that you can't check with the GP, hence my suggestion of contacting the Federation. This is a good link too: http://www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk/Encyclopaedia/k/article/kidneydisease,chronic/ Sue
Nicki Lee
19 Jan 2013 2:12PM

Sorry, I meant to say it would not be an UNusual response. :)
Helen Rae Coleman
19 Jan 2013 5:18PM

Thankyou, very good advice
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