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Posted by: Anita Tandon, 23 Apr 2015 8:27AM
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bronchiectasis - advice requested

Dear Complementary therapist I have a potential patient who has been diagnosed with bronchiectasis since last year. She currently is having treatment from a physiotherapist and does postural drainage. She is also seeing a Naturopath. She is worried as it seems that her Doctors think that she may have to go on antibiotics possibly for life which she obviously doesn't want to to do. She is quite active and plays tennis and goes swimming. She would like to explore alternatives. I know that certain essential oils such as peppermint,lavender, rosemary expectorant properties and oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, bergamot, thyme have good antimicrobial properties, so have suggested that I could blend some indicated essential oils, which could use in a diffuser , or in her bath , or as a massage oil. I have suggested that she have a massage as well as this will help not only in improving her circulatory and lymphatic system, but will also aid relaxation and may improve her sleep which is currently affected and she is feeling low. I have asked her to check with her doctors and other practitioners that they are happy that any massage or use of essential oils will not adversely affect her condition. Am I on the right track? Any comments or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Sue Hannaford
23 Apr 2015 6:28PM

Hi there. I can't comment on the aromatherapy aspect but massage WILL be helpful. I had a client who managed her condition for years (from memory she wasn't on any regular medication). Her main issue was clearing the lungs - releasing all the back/thoracic muscles (including neck eg scalenes given their proximity to the lungs anteriorly) was helpful. Gentle-ish percussive techniques (cupping, hacking etc) on the back of the ribs helped her clear her lungs at home. I tended to also pay some attention (especially with the percussion techniques) to the lung that had the most scarring. It may be that your client will be on a learning curve in working out how she manages her condition. Don't know if that's of any help. Good luck!
Anita Tandon
28 Apr 2015 12:11AM

Dear Sue Thank you for your advice .it was very useful and was reassuring that I was thinking along similiar lines. Thank you , much appreciated.
Debbie Bloor
3 May 2015 10:33AM

Hi, I've recently trained to be a reflexologist I started down the holistic healing root as I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis over four years ago along side asthma too, I was devastated at the time and my immunity was extreamly low. I was on antibiotics monthly and caught everything going. Since going down the holistic root over a year and a half ago I had regular treatments of Aromatherapy massage with blend of oils for my lungs and immunity and I have since been treating myself with Reflexology I can say that I've never felt better. I have not had antibiotics for a year and five months I've never felt better I really hope this helps I still keep my back up course of antibiotics in my cupboard but can gladly say I don't need them at the moment and will continue with Aromatherapy massage regularly and my Reflexology. Good luck xxxxxx
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