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Posted by: Ann Mackintosh, 23 Mar 2005 9:05PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Case Study

I am currently doing my case studies for massage. I have a client who has benign intercranial hypertension. She was diagnosed with this 5 years ago and has had 2 lumbar punctures in the past 5 years to release the pressure in the spinal fluid. She has no other problems and only has occasional headaches for which she takes Neurofen. She has had Indian Head Massage in the past and found this to be benefical. Can you advise me if there are any adaptations that I should be aware of before commencing with the treatments. thank you mackann1@aol.com


John Dent
24 Mar 2005 5:52PM

Hi, as a student doing your Case Studies you should always seek the advice of your lecturer on any treatment matter. Case Studies are part of your training programme and the responsibility for advising you has to be with your college and the tutors there. Learning all about contra-indications is a major part of your training. I hopethat you appreciate that Embody cannot handle student enquiries that are properly dealt with in college. Best wishes John Dent, General manager Embody
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