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Posted by: Tina Maria Pritchard, 14 Jun 2006 7:20PM
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Cesarean section

Hello again May I ask a question to practitioners involved in massage during/after pregnancy: After a casarean section, how long should the client wait until they can receive massage to the tummy area? This question has been asked by one of my clients and I am aware that it takes a long time for this area to heal, so I've suggested an Indian Head massage to relieve tension until an appropriate time. Regards Tina Pritchard


Kelly Bentley
23 Jun 2006 10:33PM

Hi Tina, I'm a clinical aromatherapist and in the past four years have had two C-sections. I waited 12 weeks before having any massage treatments myself. To be honest, in the first few weeks of motherhood, you don't get a chance to think about yourself, especially with a first baby. However, a lot of it depends on how well the wound heals and whether or not there were any complications, ie. wound not healing well or complications pre/post surgery. The normal wound site (along top of knicker line) is a difficult area to heal. It often gets infected. The wound gets damp and sweaty and frequently requires cleaning and drying to help the wound to heal. If your client has problems with the wound site healing, aromatherapy can be helpful (from my own personal experience). If I can be of any further help you can e-mail me direct. Regards. Kelly shetlandaromatic@aol.com
Tina Maria Pritchard
27 Jul 2006 1:00PM

Hi Kelly Many thanks for your reply. The first treatment on my client was sucessful and she is quite happy! Regards Tina
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