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Posted by: Victoria Thompson, 6 Dec 2010 6:28PM
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client with plantar fascititis

Hi I have a client with the above - she has difficulty walking and would like a short appointment to help with this. She has already received massage and it has helped before. Anyone treated this before and/or have any advice ? Thanks


Roushan Martens
6 Dec 2010 9:56PM

I don't know what massage techniques you're trained in (and I cannot recommend highly enough Jing advanced massage training if you want to do some more advanced training, www.jingmassage.com), so it's hard to give general advice. However, soft tissue release along the plantar fascia, and very very gently along the Flexor Digitorum Longus, and possibly the Flexor Hallucis Longus, has been very effective for Plantar Fasciitis in my experience. However, it took a few sessions of an hour each, working on nothing but the lower legs, for the shift to really last (my client's PF was pretty severe). There's quite a lot more to know about working with this condition, but that's a good way to start. Hope that helps, Roushan.
Cameron Reid
18 Dec 2010 12:10AM

Dear Victoria Plantr Fasciitis is usually a symptom of a dysfunction elsewhere. It can be due to poor footwear, especially the tendency to wear loose fitting shoes. It can also be the result of several biomechanical problems eg a tight overworked calf muscle especially soleus, a weak Gluteus Max on the same side. If her condition is reoccuring then think away from the foot to find your answer. Cameron Reid BSc(Hons)DO
Christine Worrall
18 Dec 2010 4:56PM

Hi Victoria I've had a couple of clients diagnosed with this condition and have had very successful results by doing some deep tissue work around the feet and lower legs, to follow up I have provided them with a golf ball to roll under their foot from the base of the toes to the front of the heel, they stand on the ball as they roll it and release tension in the long and deep seated plantar muscles, this must be done daily with 20-30 rolls per affected foot, all being well the condition will improve considerably within a few weeks.
Nicki Lee
10 Mar 2011 10:34AM

Just adding onto the previous good advice, the tension can also be coming from the hamstrings so don't ignore the upper legs and even the hips. The fascia connection can cause problems all over! When it is severe, some people sleep in a 'boot' which keeps their foot flexed at night to prevent the shortening in the plantar fascia, but so often the problem is coming from up above. It's all down to client education, too. She want a short appointment because she thinks the problem is all just in her foot - admittedly a small area that you can't massage for too long. However she needs to realise that's just where the symptom is, that most likely the problem is more widespread. Of course this is all just very general advice without having seen the person. Good luck to you both, I hope you find the treatment successful.
Peter Wise Rogers
26 Sep 2012 12:55AM

Have had good results using Thai foot massage, and also using in link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bh5I50q5ck&feature=share
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