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Posted by: Elizabeth Rabone, 7 Jun 2014 1:25PM
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Clients wearing hearing aids during treatment?

Hi What policy do you have as to whether hearing-impaired clients should wear their hearing aids during treatment? I had someone wearing them yesterday who I advised to keep them in, as I was doing Indian head massage and so was out of his sight had I needed to say anything to him (it's better for people with poor hearing to be able to see the person speaking to them). But I'd be interested to know what everyone else thought. Thanks


Nicki Lee
7 Jun 2014 1:46PM

I don't have a 'policy' per se, as it is situational. I would never insist on them being worn OR not worn - the client first of all has to be comfortable. Of course if they are wearing you have to be careful working around the head and ears. But it depends on level of deafness and whether I will need to communicate very much during a treatment which indicates what I will advise. If it is a remedial treatment and they will be prone, it's certainly helpful if they can hear me. But there are ways around most things; I have clients who are hard of hearing telling me to speak up, or touch them to get their attention, etc.
Amanda Clegg
23 Jun 2014 9:49PM

I ask if hearing aids are comfortable, as they do sometimes whine and squeal if you are massaging near the ears. the choice is entirely the client;s, but I generally find that they are more comfortable with them out.
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