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Posted by: Chika Ikwuwunna, 11 Jan 2011 1:58PM
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clients with diabetes and arthritis

i have number of clients who are matured in their 40's -60's who have type 2 diabetes, full diabetes and arthritis. i know it is contraindictions. and i have informed them that i need doctor's consent and i also have got them to sign informed consent before treatment. i usually do light treatment. is there anything else i need to be aware when dealing with these clients


Marian Child
11 Jan 2011 5:01PM

What therapy do you do? Am I right in assuming it is massage or reflexology?
Amanda Clegg
11 Jan 2011 5:54PM

With Diabetes you need to be aware that as it progresses there is often loss of nerve sensation in the extremities, which is why diabetics need to be VERY careful to look after their feet as they don't always notice wounds and infections so things like gangrene are therefore a big risk, particularly if they find it hard to reach to wash between toes etc. From a therapy point of view it's a good thing for a 3rd party to see feet regularly as you are likely to notice things and point them out, but you also need to bear in mind that they may not be able to feel properly any pressure you apply. Arthritis usually responds very well to massage provided it is OSTEO - I have several regulars in this category. Sufferers of RHEUMATOID arthritis will probably not seek massage as it is likely to aggravate existing inflammation.
Marian Child
11 Jan 2011 6:42PM

I agree with Amanda. If you are giving reflexology note any areas of numbness as it may not have been noticed by the client and check for any areas of injury. With any form of body work avoid injection sites. Because massage can lower blood sugar, you should suggest the clients monitor for any sudden changes. Skin disorders are common to people with diabetes. High glucose levels tend to cause dry skin, which can by thin and scaly in places. --- Regarding arthritis, I have found that there are time when clients who suffer from arthritis are in too much pain to have affected areas such as the hands worked on, but at other times feel they benefit from gentle manipulation. They will guide you.
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