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Posted by: Michelle Trowsdale, 7 Oct 2011 8:12PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Course on how, as therapists, to take care of our posture and hands?

A second question .. despite my best efforts to protect my hands and keep my posture and head position in check during treatments (bending at the knees etc) I do seem to be suffering after massage clients. Does anyone know of a good course that focuses on the therapists hand/back health? I know what I need to do but I think I would benefit from some formal instruction. Thanks, Michelle


Angela Wood
7 Oct 2011 8:39PM

You could try Gerry Peaves 'No hands massage techniques'.
Victoria Page
7 Oct 2011 9:06PM

Hi Michelle I can really empathise with you. My hands got so bad I had a few weeks of not being able to do treatments. Like you, aware of posture etc., but it was my hands, thumbs in particular and wrists. Unfortunately I dislocated my left knee in April and am not able to do the no-hands massage technique as I can't put all my weight on left leg let alone bend it like that. BUT, something magical came my way as things do in life just when they need to! I was at a fesitval doing chair massage and Reiki (chair massage is what's easiest for me for now) where the organiser of the well being area was a Trager therapist - check out the website www.trager.co.uk It's best to experience it yourself and quite hard to explain but after 15 mins of a treatment and my body remembering relaxation and being taught a few simple techniques (movement/relaxation inbetween some massage strokes when giving a massage, shaking arms when becoming aware of my tension or pain/discomfort) changing the way I give a massage in terms of posture an costant movement and transference of weight. Harry the Trager therapist kept an eye on me over the 2 days I was treating giving me tips on how to give a treatment differently so I wasn't damaging myself. It really is all very simple and common sense, but it's awareness that's the biggie in it all. I was so impressed after no pain after doing treatments at this particular event (and ever since) when it was a dead cert I would normally be in pain with slightly swollen hands, let alone knees and back hurting too that I attended a sort of introduction workshop which was so beneficial. I haven't looked back since. It would be a great treatment to learn and give but I'm not in a position to for now. I'm due to have a full hour's treatment in 2 weeks time to reap the full benefits. Sorry my message has gone on a bit but I was at the point that I thought I'd have to give it all up despite having committed to making big changes and really going for my business this year due to the problems I was getting but for now (touch wood) I'm really physically very well and it's reflecting in a very positive outlook on life which makes business better too! :) Any more info you need you can email me direct if you like. Victoria PS I had started having shiatsu which was fantastic and the lady doing it was recommended I learn it because it's better on the posture and all to do with using the body's weight rather than putting direct pressure on for instance the thumb joint or wrists etc ....
Nicki Lee
7 Oct 2011 11:33PM

Hi Michelle, I definately agree that you'd probably find it helpful to have some treatment yourself if you're suffering, as mentioned above, and find a therapist who offers a treatment that works for you. In the long run though it's a great idea to have some formal training to prevent damaging yourself and ultimately find yourself unable to work. You have to be well to help others! There are quite a few courses you can look into that may help. I offer a two day workshop in Deep Tissue Techniques which focuses on therapist posture and safe ergonomics, for more information see my website www.elysiummassage.co.uk or feel free to email me for more information. Very best of luck, Nicki
Amanda Clegg
8 Oct 2011 12:06PM

I'd endorse Nikki's 'self-preservation' methods - I've been on several of her day schools and the emphasis on ergonomics has been tremendously helpful.
Michelle Trowsdale
17 Oct 2011 11:10AM

Thanks so much for your advice ladies - I will be following up on your suggestions. We have to take care of ourselves first :-)
Hilary Ellis
25 Apr 2012 6:04PM

Hi Michelle I have trained with Gerry Pyves and up to Advanced level. I can now massage clients pain free and one after the other. It is a very powerful treatment to give, my clients love it. Last year I could not work as it was so painful, do have a look at the websites.
Michelle Trowsdale
26 Apr 2012 12:52PM

Thanks again for all your comments - much appreciated!
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