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Posted by: Dawn Spragg, 18 Jun 2013 10:12AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Do you want to take Credit card Payments ?

This is not and add ---- its simply information to help my colleagues in the CTha I hope So many people have shown interest in the unit which I am now taking card payments with I have set up a direct link so you can take a look This young company are simply cutting edge and take all the hassle and cost out of taking card payments simply giving you the time and ability to do what your trained for. How many times has a client have said oooh do you take cards? it also proven that clients will happily pay more using a card so retailing your CDs oils and detox kits just becomes a doddle with the there and then factor. Oh and its totally mobile the tiny unit fits on to your phone or I pad its simply fantastic. And there customer support is just fab speaking to people, real people. Finally there is no charge for the unit and a simple charge of 2.75 % of the transaction cost a lot less than any other card companies I can assure you. Simply click the link below for more info susumup.co.uk/go/dawnspragg www.healinghandsaromatherapy.co.uk


Dawn Spragg
18 Jun 2013 10:25AM

Sorry i have been contacted to say that the link above didn't work so I have created another that does,Simply copy in to your search engine I hope it helps you : https://sumup.co.uk/?utm_source=dawnspragg&utm_medium=referafriend
Sue Hannaford
18 Jun 2013 10:28AM

If any of you are interested the direct link is www.sumup.co.uk. (The link that was posted seems to be a refer a friend link which pays the person (Dawn) whose link it is £25. See here http://gosumup.com/gb/).
Dawn Spragg
18 Jun 2013 10:49AM

Sue Hannaford
18 Jun 2013 11:10AM

LOL! No conspiracy Dawn! Just thought fellow therapists might like to know about the referral opportunity as you hadn't mentioned it! For example two therapists that know one another will be able to share the referral fee by one joining up and getting the referral fee when their colleague signs up. Sounds like an excellent plan to me. I also have heard of other smart phone deals but don't have them to hand. Also, it's on the grapevine that Paypal are devising a little machine that you buy that connects via Bluetooth and puts the money directly into your Paypal account. This isn't out yet but may suit some people when it happens.
Dawn Spragg
18 Jun 2013 11:39AM

I did a lot of research before finding this company. I looked in to companies such a zeetal, worldpay, pay trader and paysat also I think Pay Pal when I researched it will charge for unit or charge a rental charge they have not decided on their business model yet, Sumup are the only company I found that give a free unit and if there is any problem they will replace with no hassle, they really are so helpful and there are lots of vidios to teach you how to use the unit, and they apy promptly if its over £40.00 it goes in your bank immediately or if less int goes in within 14 days i think. Another reason i went with them , you can also keep fully on top of all the transactions on your phone app or on line and even send Phone or e mail receipts to your clients which is a must for my PPP or insurance covered clients. and obviously you can take deposits and transactions over the phone. it is really helping me and my clients.
Pamela Bracken
3 Jul 2013 8:13AM

I've signed up with worldpay and they do the above plus they are well established and conform with safety requirements of crad payments. Unfortunately not all of them do
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