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Posted by: Rodney Stuart Robinson, 25 Feb 2011 2:03PM
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Does anyone have experience of treating Mogellons disease?

I have seen one case of this thankfully rare and rather mysterious condition. I had some success using needle free, electro acupuncture. I am intrigued about the mystery that surrounds this condition and the aggressive denial of its existence by the medical profession. The patient has to endure the frustration of being disbelieved as well as the distressing symptoms of the disease. I certainly saw enough to believe it is a real condition. I feel this is one for complementaries to get their teeth into and make some real headway. I would be fascinated to hear of other practitioners experiences.


Rodney Stuart Robinson
22 Dec 2011 11:55AM

Yes I have seen enough to believe it is real too. I had a lot of success reported by the client following elctro-acupuncture.
Stuart Dare
22 Dec 2011 12:39PM

I would be interested to know more about this condition.
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