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Posted by: Karen Lewis, 29 Apr 2010 4:55PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Reiki

If anyone has any questions about EFT I am more than happy to have a go at answering them. My particular area of interest is menopause and stress, but EFT can be applied to more or less any issue, usually quite successfully. As a Reiki Master/Teacher I can also help with any Reiki queries you may have. Karen Lewis (www.EFT-Reiki.com)


Gill Bright
29 Apr 2010 5:40PM

Hi Karen. I was interested to read your post as I'm also an EFT practitioner, with NLP and Hypnosis so if you're interested would be good to do some phone tapping to clear some stuff, like an EFT buddy. Cheers Gill Bright
Karen Lewis
29 Apr 2010 5:50PM

Hi Gill, That sounds like an interesting idea. Haven't done an 'EFT buddy' thing as yet, although have done telephone consultations. Do you have Skype? - that way we can talk at zero cost - always a good thing. :-) Regards, Karen
Angela Rawlins
29 Apr 2010 6:20PM

Hey, Skype's a good idea!! I'm also an EFT practitioner and the buddy thing is a great idea:) Angela
Karen Lewis
29 Apr 2010 6:49PM

Wonder if it's possible to do group buddy tapping - lots of benefits to borrow! Karen
Gill Bright
30 Apr 2010 10:27AM

That sounds fantastic, don't have skype as yet, need to get it sorted, is it easy?, but how to organise a group tap, anyone any ideas? This is great, to have a community within our own organisation to help ourselves develop and ultimately help our clients. Gill
Karen Lewis
30 Apr 2010 1:39PM

Hi Gill, "This is great, to have a community within our own organisation to help ourselves develop and ultimately help our clients." It certainly is, isn't it? Yes, Skype is really easy. It has to be if I'm able to use it. :-) Just had a look at the Skype site (http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/allfeatures/conferencecall/) and it looks as if you can even get to do free conference calls (my husband thought it should be possible but probably a paid option, but looks like not - so again good), which means it might be possible to arrange group tapping calls. You just download from Skype and set yourself up. All you really need additionally is a headset/mike (easily available for small cost), and I might even get the husband (AKA Tech Support) to see about finally web-camming me so calls can be seen as well as heard. It's all set out on the Skype site, and as I managed to do it all on my own it's definitely easy and straight forward. Took me longer to come up with my WeeMee figure! Hope that all helps. Karen
Angela Rawlins
30 Apr 2010 4:40PM

:)) I've just set up an account, not got the required head set as yet though I may be able to borrow one from son:)
Gill Bright
1 May 2010 8:09AM

I had a try yesterday but it came up with some sort of error, so will get a computer mate to have a look at it and get back to you when that's done. What about when we get it set up to decide on issues for the call, we do a round robin taking it in turns to select the topic for a session? One of the others will need to lead it as no doubt you've found when working on your own issues, as I have, you don't "see" what you need to "see" and avoid the core issue, so for the most important stuff, you never actually reach a resolution and clear the negative stuff. This is absolutely brilliant! How long have you been practicing EFT? I've been doing it for 5 or so years now. Gill
Karen Lewis
1 May 2010 5:41PM

Hi Gill, Have you been reading my mind? :-D Taking it in turns to select a topic/issue for each session, and also leading a session was exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. Also if anyone else wanted to join in, perhaps to get an idea of what EFT is all about, they could just contact one of us? It's possible to have up to 25 people on a Skype conference call, although apparently only the person who sets up the group is able to start the conference call. However, if we all set up an identical group perhaps that means we can all initiate conference calls as holidays, etc, might get in the way. Have to look into that a bit more when we get things moving. I quite agree that it can be difficult to work on your own core issues and that having someone else 'shining a light' for you can be most beneficial. I've been practicing EFT since 2006 for myself and as a practitioner since February 2007. Last year I took the AAMET Level 3 course with my EFT Trainer, Martine Moorby, in Harrogate. I'm hoping to join her Mentoring Day in June again, as the last 2 were very interesting and helpful for some of those 'stuck' issues. I'm also trying to keep a blog running (http://eftreikiandallkindsofeverything.blogspot.com/) and have quite a few EFT-related posts on there. Once I've finally finished in the garden I'll be getting back to a more regular posting mode. I've also got an eBook online - "Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT" (http://www.eft-not-hrt.com/) as I'm finding EFT very useful for dealing with those annoying little symptoms that pop up at this time of life and thought it might be helpful for others, too. One other thing about Skype - we'll obviously need to know each others' Skype contact number, but I would suggest that we email each other with the details rather than putting them into plain view on a forum. When I set mine up initially, even though I have privacy settings etc. I still got some dubious looking messages wanting me to add them to my contacts list. If it didn't look legit, I blocked it, and now I rarely get any 'junk' requests. You can get to my contact details via my "Business Listing" and then " More Info" link when you click my name/photo. Regards, Karen
Angela Rawlins
4 May 2010 3:36PM

Hi I'm relatively new then, at only a couple of years:))
Gill Bright
4 May 2010 5:15PM

Length of time doesn't matter, as I'm sure you use your intuition just as much as I do and if not it's a brilliant tool that you can learn to trust. I use it more and more and 99 times out of 100 I'm thereabouts right with my assumptions on a clients issues. Do you have any of Gary Craig's DVDs or have used any of the stuff from his site? It's brilliant stuff to watch over and over to see the directions he goes in to dig out core issues. He did use muscle testing for a while, but stopped and concentrated his efforts on building his intuition, it's a fantastic tool we all have. I'm going to try again to see if I can load Skype and get back to you. Gill
Angela Rawlins
4 May 2010 5:43PM

Hi Gill I see you're not really that far from me in Malmesbury:)) Got taken to Avebury a couple of wks back:)) Lol, my guides must have a word with my husbands and hey presto - a trip down:)) Yes, I know what you mean about intuition, mines quite strong:)) I keep getting told by my friend. I haven't got many of Gary's dvds. There are one or two sets I'd like but you have to get them from his site now. My tutor used to be able to sell them - hence I've only got a couple of sets and not the 1st ones. I'd love to practice on lots of people, have to keep asking the universe:)) Skype does seem to load up other applications with it, like google chrome - what ever that is!?? I'm so green on the computer. I've not got a head set yet and son said he doesn't use skype now - he may have a head set though, have to ask him:) Good luck with the down load
Karen Lewis
4 May 2010 6:23PM

Hi there Gill and Angela, I agree that regular use of EFT does hone up the intuition; all we have to do then is learn to trust it. It no longer surprises me when I suggest something to someone and they ask how you could be so spot on? :-D The more it happens, the more you trust what's coming through. It also happens very frequently in my Reiki work as well. I think the regular self-healing meditations also bring you closer in touch with your intuitive core. Angela, I might be able to help you out with the DVDs - let me know. They certainly are an excellent resource, but no longer available from Gary's website, which itself might soon be going down, unless we get another respite. I hope that it can stay up in some form or other - there are so many valuable articles on there. "Skype does seem to load up other applications with it, like google chrome - what ever that is!??" I think when you download these sort of things you can un-check a box so you don't get additional web browsers (I'm happy with Firefox so don't see why I need Google Chrome), tool-bars, etc., which they include as standard. It's a bit like ticking the box to say you don't want additional info on a form, but the opposite way around, if that's not too confusing. If I didn't do this the whole of my monitor screen would be tool-bars, with no room for anything else. :-D You don't necessarily need a headset for Skype - you can use the microphone on your computer but it's easier with the headset, although it does make you look like you are in a call centre. Fortunately you can only use web-cams between two people, so if there is a group of us we won't have to feel self-conscious - which could of course be a tapping issue. Gill, I hope you are able to get Skype soon - looking forward to talking. Regards, Karen
Angela Rawlins
4 May 2010 6:35PM

I'm not sure we should be using this space for our discussion on skype:)) as it is for the public. WE could go to general discussion one?
Karen Lewis
4 May 2010 6:43PM

Hi Angela, Would you like to start a thread then? Although if members of the public want to join in on group tapping it might be useful additional information for them to set themselves up? Regards, Karen
Angela Rawlins
6 May 2010 8:59AM

Ok, we can wait and see who might like to join:)
Louise Tremayne
6 May 2010 10:40AM

Hi all, I was very excited to find this discussion. I've been an EFT Practitioner for 4 years now. I regularly do group tapping with colleagues in the States. I would love to join you too. We use Skype and it works very well. I would be happy to set up the group if you like. I was a software engineer for 10 years so know my way around a computer! I have an EFT dedicated blog - www.devoneft.com and my website has lots of free information for people to learn EFT - www.freeflowingenergy.co.uk. I will email you all with my Skype details. Kind regards, Louise
Karen Lewis
6 May 2010 5:31PM

Hi all. Looks like we are getting the kernel of a nice little tapping group coming through. I'm quite looking forward to it once we've got it all set up. If people are interested in learning more about EFT, as well as the sites already mentioned here, I have a list in a recent blog entry of some of my favourite EFT sites and blogs(http://eftreikiandallkindsofeverything.blogspot.com/2010/03/favourite-eft-emotional-freedom.html). I also have some free downloads on my site, including a version of the EFT manual, and one with EFT tapping phrases for stress and anxiety that might be useful. There is certainly plenty of information out there, and perhaps we can add any new information into the body of this thread as we come across it, so it can build up a resource for those who want to find out more? Regards, Karen
Angela Wood
10 May 2010 9:33AM

Hi I have just been reading your posts. I done my EFT level 2 last year (march I think it was) but have not had the opportunity to really use it, certainly not on paying clients so do not have any experience as such but I am keen so wondered if I could also join you. Dont have skype either at the moment. Angela Mooney
Karen Lewis
10 May 2010 12:09PM

Hello there, Angela. Hopefully we'll have a tapping group up and running very soon and if you want to join in it's very easy to get Skype setup (go to www.skype.com)to join in the free teleconferencing facility. My understanding is that we can have up to 25 people on a call - so far there are four of us, and you would bring us up to five, so plenty of room. It should certainly give us all good experience at working with other people, especially at a distance (which is one of the good things about being able to use EFT over the phone)and also work on any limiting beliefs we might be holding on to, which in turn can enable us to become better practitioners for our clients. Look forward to chatting and tapping with you :-) Regards, Karen
Angela Wood
10 May 2010 12:19PM

Thankyou. Look forward to it. Keep me posted.
Karen Lewis
14 May 2010 7:47PM

Just to let everyone know we are in the final stages of setting up the EFT Tapping Group. Once we have it up and running I'll post again so if anyone else wants to join in, just let us know. Regards, Karen
Tessa Gilsenan
25 May 2010 3:50PM

Hi, Can any one join in? :-) I am not qualified but have had an intrest in EFT for a number of years. Most of my experience comes from listening in and replaying the 2 Tapping World Conferences. I would love to join in with this proposed skype confernce call. My site - for further info on me is www.assetreflexology.com
Karen Lewis
2 Jun 2010 10:02PM

OK,we have the first EFT Group Tapping session set up ready to go on Wednesday 16th June, between 6.30 and 7.30pm. If anyone is interested in joining in, you will need to be a Skype user and get in touch with me with your Skype ID so you can be added to the Tapping Group to receive the call. If you want any further details, please drop me a line. Regards, Karen
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