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Posted by: Debbie Gadd, 8 Aug 2018 1:59PM
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I have a potential client with epilepsy and need to know if I should get a letter from his doctor confirming that a massage would be okay for him and doesn't have the possibility of triggering a seizure. Does anyone else have experience with this or know what needs to be done so that I keep us both safe. Thanks. Debbie


Angela Lewis
9 Aug 2018 9:08AM

Dear Debbie Possibly a GP and/or the client will not know if a massage will affect them. I have treated clients with epilepsy and avoided the head area. They have really benefitted from regular massage. Check your client has any medication with them; know what to do in the event of a seizure but also get your client to make their GP aware that they are having massage. Hope this helps Angela
Suzanne Zacharia
19 Sep 2018 2:45PM

First Aid training is essential, and then you will know what to do exactly. In training, we are often made to feel scared of epilepsy. In reality, it unlikely that someone fits whenever they are relaxed. It is also good to enquire how often the client has fits, as in my experience, adults do not fit at all if medicated, unless they have severe special needs and so an otherwise very damaged/badly developed nervous system. I hope this helps :)
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