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Posted by: Mary Angela King, 29 Jan 2011 2:23PM
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Fibromyalgia Treatment

Hi, I have had several clients referred to me from the GP Surgery with Fibromyalgia. This is a horrible condition for which there seems to be very little relief. I am qualified in Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage, and I have been looking into Myofascial Release. There are some courses which have up to 5 levels of proficiency and certification in this treatment and claim to be the new way to treat, following the new scientific research on fascia. Has anyone any experience in this treatment and just how effective is it, especially for chronic conditions as above. I would be really interested to hear from anyone as the course is quite a commitment in both time and money.


Amanda Clegg
29 Jan 2011 3:24PM

I'm, sure there's a recent thread, either on here or in Healthypages. Fibromyalgia is a really difficult one: a friend of mine has it in his neck and shoulders, and massage made it much worse. However, from the thread I was following, several people reported success wiht very gentle manipulation and massage, and a lot of success with diet. I'll try to track down the link for you.
Janice Hamilton
31 Jan 2011 11:15AM

Dear Mary As a sufferer of both FM and CFS who suffered chronic, unremitting pain in spine, hips, knees and feet - I did go for massage and found it helpful - however, what to bear in mind is that people who are constantly in pain do not want or need to be "pummelled" - some deep work loosening off obvious problems areas combined with some long, slow, nurturing strokes is an ideal combination - because then you feel the release of the knotted, painful muscles, but also benefit from someone stroking you and literally saying "there, there, there"! I also feel that a combination of massage and Reiki would have helped me and I notice from your listing you do reflexology - why not try a combination, which is what I do with clients who come to me in chronic pain - I do half massage then turn them over and finish with reiki and it really seems to work by taking the edge of how they are feeling. Just a suggestion - let us know how you get on. As Amanda says there is already a thread with a bit more detail on this subject. Kind regards Janice
Tim Willcocks
31 Jan 2011 11:17AM

As a Bowen therapist I treated a self-help group of 6 ladies with Fibromyalgia about ten years ago, just 3 trial treatments each, with astonishing success. Since then my results have been more varied. I can rustle up details if you like, but they are not computerised! Seems FM people often go from one treatment to another to suit their needs at the time. I seem to recall that 'Marilyn' went from Massage to Bowen to Hypnotherapy, and that sequence fixed it for her, whereas 'Jenny' needed only 3 Bowen treatments before she was back at school again. Others are less fortunate. There is such a fine sensitivity with FM people that deep tissue or remedial work is generally too much for them. You may have to go very lightly and gently. De-toxing, or supplementation is usually essential, including Magnesium and others. And maybe Olive Leaf for parasites. Finally, there is almost certainly an underlying emotional cause, often shock or trauma - anything from childhood abuse to car accident. You can get me at tim@thebowenman.co.uk. Happy hunting! TIM Willcocks
Janice Hamilton
31 Jan 2011 11:38AM

Dear Tim I would absolutely agree with you re the emotional issues and I went to hypnotherapy and positive thinking classes and workshops to help me relax mentally and physically and also to get to the root of what the problem was and it really worked - together with looking at your diet and cutting out STRESS the number 1 enemy. Regards Janice
Jane Meek
3 Feb 2011 8:47PM

Hi Mary, I trained in Myofascial Release with John Barnes in the US and have found it can be highly effective in treating fibromyalgia as it is, firstly, gentle and, secondly, it aims to track fascial restrictions to their source, thereby helping to eliminate bodywide holding patterns. Many holding patterns appear to have a strong emotional component which can be a big factor in maintaining stress-related tensions. If you want to correspond with me directly on this, please e-mail me at janemfr@tiscali.co.uk. Jane Meek
Helen Mary Perkins
4 Feb 2011 1:37PM

Dear Mary, I have been a Bowtech Bowen therapist for seventeen years and specialise in neurological conditions. I am also a reflexologist and massage therapist. Through experience, I always recommend the Bowen technique to help FM because of the minimal gentle work and have devised a special program whereby there is hope for renewed energy and less pain in specific areas. I have recently written about this in my blog: www.bowtechease.blogspot.com I am happy to share my experiences with you. It's great that there are posts here to support light touch work and I can definately say that therapies should not be mixed or too long in duration. Best regards, Helen (info@bowtechease.com or info@helenperkins.com)
Janice Hamilton
7 Feb 2011 3:28PM

Dear Helen Very interested to ready your reply and it's great that you get such good results from your therapies. I would also be interested in why you say "and I can definately say that therapies should not be mixed" - are you talking about your particular therapies, have you tried this and found it didn't help or your clients had a bad experience? As a practising massage therapist for 17 years, clinical aromatherapist and reiki practitioner for 10 years; it has been my experience that when clients are really struggling a mix of the massage and reiki has proved to be the one with the best results and also that which my clients prefer. I also receive regular treatments from a wonderful reflexologist, who uses reflexology, acupuncture and reiki and what a treatment that is, particularly if you are in pain and very low in energy. I feel that as therapists we can only look at our clients as individuals and use our experience and skill to help them and sometimes a mix of what we do really is the best. Regards Janice
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