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Posted by: Tina Maria Pritchard, 16 Aug 2008 2:05PM
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Hi there I recently gave a Back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage with Reiki to a 74 year old lady who desperately wanted to feel relaxed and calm. She told me that she had just felt some lumps appear on her head and was going to see the doctor about them. A few days later I was told that the condition was giant cell arteritis. She was delighted with the first treatment and would like to come again but I am rather reluctant to massage again as I am worried that because the arteries are inflammed it could cause problems on the head and maybe elsewhere. Maybe Reiki alone would be a more suitable treatment. I like to think that there is a way around such problems, but as my knowledge on this limited I would be glad to hear of any other therapists thoughts or experience on this matter. Doctors consent would of course be obtained. Regards Tina


Mariette Lobo
16 Aug 2008 4:42PM

Hi Tina - i think you're right to be cautious about massage. I had a client with cranial arteritis and she had regular reiki and reflexology treatments (not both at once!) and didn't seem to suffer any complications from her high steroid medication for this condition (as well as other meds for other conditions). I kept the both treatments short (not exceeding half an hour) and light (reflexology in particular). The reflexology was administered whilst she sat in the normal Lafuma reflexology chair - and she found this a very comfortable position to be in. I didn't lie her completely flat on her back when giving her reiki (she didn't find this at all comfortable) - not did I turn her over on to her front (again, uncomfortable). I would suggest you find out the best treatment positions for your client once you get the go ahead from her doctor. Of course, I'm sure you will read up on the condition (the mayo clinic has an excellent web site on it) be fully alert to any reactions during and immediately after treatment. A long rest period immediately afterwards (ie in your clinic) then at her home is a very important part of the session. I wouldn't advise driving home etc. My lady preferred coming twice a week for short, light touch, treatments sessions to an hour long weekly one. She also benefited from distance reiki when she couldn't attend in person. Hope this information is of some help to you.
Tina Maria Pritchard
23 Aug 2008 9:46PM

Hi Mariette Many thanks for your advice. I now have two clients with the same condition! Tina
Angela Rawlins
4 Dec 2008 2:31PM

Tian I also have had a lady with Arteritis, she had, had a small operation on hers. I used to give her Reflexology and some Reiki. I would find that one large toe was tender and it was the same side as her op. I think best not massage her head, give her Reiki on her head and perhaps massage on shoulders and back. I think Arteritis may only be crainial. Try looking on google:)
Angela Rawlins
4 Dec 2008 2:33PM

Hi Tina Try this site /www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/23068836
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