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Posted by: Karen Fisher, 30 Jul 2013 10:22AM
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hand massage and epilepsy

I have been asked to do a hand massage on a 84 yr old lady with Altheimers. She is also know to have epilepsey brought on usually by water infections. Does anyone have any advice on whether I should do this treatment. I know not to massage clients with Epilepsy but Im not sure about a hand massage to relax the client. Any advice would be great


Nicki Lee
30 Jul 2013 2:54PM

I can't see any problem as long as you're gentle. Ask if there has been anything she's been told not to do - if she can put on hand lotion that's not much different to massage. However have her or a family member just check with her doctor as she's under care. I'm sure she'll find the treatment relaxing and enjoyable, unless she has quite advanced Alzheimer's, and then you just need to check with carers that she's ok with touch. Let us know how you get on. Nicki
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