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Posted by: Alexandra Mason, 31 Jan 2019 6:38PM
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High blood pressure


Cristina Rodriguez Valle
31 Jan 2019 7:03PM

Hi, When booking an appointment I always ask them to confirm that they don't have any medical condition, if they do, then I ask them to get a consent from a GP if the condition is one of the listed as contraindications that require medical consent by ITEC/BTEC. If the client sees it as an inconvenience I explain that I have to comply with my insurance policy. Hope this helps.
Alexandra Mason
31 Jan 2019 7:09PM

Thanks so much - I will definitely follow that procedure from now on!
Amanda Clegg
1 Feb 2019 12:00AM

I agree with Cristina, but that said, a massage is fine: if bp is controlled then there isn't an issue, other than to warn them that massage has a tendency to lower bp, which they need to be aware of. With diabetes, again point out that massage may affect sugar levels. Not usually an issue with type 2 unless it is very uncontrolled. With type 1 it's good to suggest that they check themselves a little earlier than usual in case the massage has changed anything.
Neville Dalton
1 Feb 2019 10:50AM

I tend to follow Amanda's approach regarding high blood pressure. I always check that it's controlled, and usually the client feels a benefit from the massage. Regarding the insistence on getting a GP's endorsement before treating certain conditions, I'm interested to know how responsive Cristina and other practitioners have found doctors to be. Their workloads seem to have risen exponentially, even from the pretty demanding start point since I have been practising massage, and I'm interested to know how often - and promptly - they respond to such requests. I have contacted GPs over the years in cases where I have had major reservations and am still waiting for most of them to reply! (Presumably my potential clients looked elsewhere, as I would not go ahead without specific medical consent). That said, I am less confident about treating clients with diabetes than I am many other conditions. Symptoms seem to vary so much from individual to individual, but like Amanda, where conditions seem to be under control, I take the usual precautions and make sure I keep checking with the client during treatments.
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