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Posted by: Angela Cooke, 10 Nov 2010 7:39PM
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Holistic back massage for client with scoliosis

Hi, I would appreciate any comments from those who may have treated a client suffering from this condition. Any helpful tips, massage movements that may be especially beneficial or any areas to avoid. Im newly qualified in holistic massage, this is my first client with a condition like this so any of your experiences and ideas welcome. Angela


Amanda Clegg
11 Nov 2010 8:27AM

Hi Angela You will probably meet lots of people with some form of spine curvature from now on - from very mild to acute. I've found that the erector spinae muscles tend to be tight - treat them as normal: ie plenty of deep targetted work in the 2-4 inches on either side of the spine, once you have loosened the top layers and got everything warm as usual. I find that the side around which the spine curves - ie the inside of the curve benefits from being loosened and stretched as it is in a permanently contracted state (same with pectorals, incidentally, with anyone working in an 'arms forward' job!). If they are consulting an osteo or chiro, it is a good idea to ask permission to liaise - or ask your client to ask, if there is anything in particular you might concentrate on in your session. I also find that usually there is a lot of tightness above the curvature, especially in the neck, so that's an area to work on, too. Good luck - I hope you get to enjoy the remedial work: I know I much prefer this sort of work to just general relaxation massage, it's very rewarding. Please keep us posted of progress! Amanda
Marian Child
11 Nov 2010 9:49AM

I agree with Amanda. I have quite a few patients which have varying degrees of scoliosis, and they feel benefit of massage very quickly. I would like to add that if the degree is acute, sometimes a chair massage is more beneficial. About 50% of my clients are unable to lie on their fronts and are not always comfortable on their side.
Angela Cooke
11 Nov 2010 2:02PM

Thankyou very much for your helpful replies. I will be sure to bear all of this in mind and keep you posted on progress. Best wishes Angela
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