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Posted by: , 23 Nov 2006 9:05AM
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Hopi Ear Candles & Tinitus

Has anyone successfully treated this with Hopi Ear Candles? I have a client who has suffered from this for 9 years following a whiplash injury. She has had 3 weekly treatments and has booked a further 3but so far she hasn't experienced any difference. How many treatments do you think she might need and would you expect a lessening of the screaming noise or might we expect it to stop completely? Any advice would be welcome. Eleanor


8 Dec 2006 12:13PM

Dear Eleanor I too would be interested to know if Hopi Ear candling could really cure tinnitus as I suffer from it and would like to know if it would help my clients. I am not qualified in the treatment (one day) so can not buy the candles at cost price. However, if you can provide the candles, I would be happy to carry out an experiment over e.g. 2 or 4 weeks (one treatment per day in my left ear) and post the results. Kind regards Poppy Crichton Dip ITEC, MCThA www.collifordlakeclinic.co.uk
Angela Rawlins
20 Jan 2007 1:10PM

Dear Poppy & Elenor You should not be treating anyone with Hopi candles unless suitably qualified. I have been qualified for quite a few years now and had a refresher course with Sue Maunsell about 3 or 4 years ago. Tinitus - Hopi Candles cannot cure tinitus, it may only lessen the discomforting noises. Tinitus can be caused by different things and the sensroy hairs and nerves may be damaged. It very much depends on the severity of the condition also and how long they have had it for. Angela
Angela Rawlins
20 Jan 2007 1:12PM

PS In my experience with some one who has suffered chronically needs at least four treatments. Then, as all patients are individual, either once a month or every six weeks I have found keeps them comfortable.

5 Feb 2007 3:54AM

Dear Angela thank you for some useful comments, although you are clearly mistaken in your first sentence as neither of us say we are using Hopi ear candling on clients whilst unqualified to do so! Poppy
Angela Rawlins
5 Feb 2007 5:26PM

Sorry Poopy, it was the way I read your post, and I have heard alsorts of treatments being carried out. There was a well known person on a very public medium suggesting that people can 'do it' themselves! They could put themselves at risk of setting thme selves alight or burning theier face.
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