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Posted by: Pauline Todd, 6 Mar 2014 2:17PM
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Hot Stone Massage and MS

Hi, one of my massage clients has asked if he can have a hot stone massage. He has MS (relapsing remitting MS) and currently enjoys a Swedish massage once a week. I've been researching and as usual there are a lot of conflicting views. Many say 'not recommended' and some say using 'warm' stones would be ok. Can I ask your views? thank you


Amanda Clegg
8 Sep 2014 1:43PM

I've found with MS that massage techniques, strengths, frequency etc needs to be experimented to find the right balance for each client. I don't do hot stones (I did the training, but I have arthritic nands now and they are too heavy), but I would imagine the same rules apply - try just a back massage and see how it goes, warning you client he may get an adverse reaction. Some ms sufferers react badly to hot weather, some don't.
Pauline Todd
12 Sep 2014 11:43AM

thanks, for your reply. Together with my client (and with GP permission)we have gradually introduced the stones into his regular Swedish massage. Starting with warmish stones and slowly increasing the heat at each session. Happy to say that he really enjoys a hot stone massage now and feels it is really beneficial to his condition.
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