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Posted by: Terrianne Louise Goodey, 3 Jan 2008 2:48PM
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How to work with someone who has Costochondritis?

My partner has just been told that he is suffering from Costochondritis (inflammation of the rib cartilage) and his doctor advised that massage can help to ease it. As a student I would like to know what movements would be best to help with this and which I should avoid. Thanks Terrianne


Mike Colquhoun
26 Feb 2008 3:01AM

Hi Terrianne Sorry no one replied to this before because I expect it's no longer a problem, however the answer to your problem was that in the early stages of any inflammation you should at your level of experience leave well alone. The reason is that any inflammation is liable to be made much worse by any rubbig so real knowledge and understanding is needed to judge accurately what is helpful and what is not. After twenty years working as a remedial masseur I am still wary of inflammation though I have recently come across an amazing oil that works like magic. What you can always safely do is contrast bathe a chronic condition like this. Two minutes cool and one minute warm Start with cool and end with Warm Three repitions = nine minutes = one whole day's healing Repeat six times in one day and a whole week's healing in one day!! I feel I've done well if the Patient does it twice a day because it is a bore. It does not need to be bathing, gel pads are fine as are hot and cold water bottles, etc:. No known down side to this, it's safe and effective. If your boyfriend still has the condition after a month then I suspect I know the cause but I'm not willing to put that here for all to read, but will gladly talk to you [or anyone else that would like help] more privately. Follow the link to my listing and there there is a link for an e-mail. Best of luck yours Mike
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