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Posted by: Anita Ryciak, 30 May 2007 3:26PM
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Is reflexology helpful for kidney failure?

Can anyone tell me if reflexology is helpful for kidney failure, or a client who recieves regular kidney dialysis? Anita, Head to Sole


Angela Rawlins
17 Jul 2007 2:11PM

Hi Anita I haven't treated anyone with kidney failurebut, you'd have to have permission from their specialist! Great care must be taken with these patients. Do you belong to The AoR? (Ass of Reflexologists)
Anita Ryciak
18 Jul 2007 3:16PM

Thanks Angela, I could not find any info. The individual had asked her doctor who said it was fine but she has not booked a session so I guess she changed her mind or found an alternative. No I'm not a member of the Association.
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