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Posted by: Deborah Sheppard, 16 Jan 2014 8:17PM
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Laryngomalacia and baby massage

One of the babies in my baby massage group that started today has laryngomalacia (floppy larynx). Her GP has said that it is not a cause for concern and is not a contraindication to massage. Her mum has asked me if there is a massage routine that can help the condition.I told her I would check, but that I didn't think that there was, but that it may be possible that the chest and stomach massage would be beneficial for her as it encourages development of the digestive and respiratory systems. Has anyone had any experience of babies with this condition? If so, is there anything I can recommend to my client that might help her baby? She is 8 weeks old. All suggestions will be gratefully received :)


Sue Hannaford
16 Jan 2014 8:56PM

I am not at the right place to ask someone at the moment, but personally I would ask a cranial osteopath who has good experience with babies for some advice.
Deborah Sheppard
16 Jan 2014 9:03PM

Thanks Sue.
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