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Posted by: Julie Egginton, 24 Mar 2010 10:53PM
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Legal / moral question on distance treatment

Wonder if anyone could help me with a dilemma I've been mulling over for a while and am still struggling to find a clear solution to. I had a client who was one of my Aromatherapy case studies and was impressed with the treatments received to help seriously pulled neck muscles. Once the case studies were concluded I was contacted following a recurrence to see if I could advise the oils used and quantities required so that treatment could be carried out at home by someone who was not a qualified aromatherapist and without a face to face consultation. Apart from the fact I had concerns as some of the oils have contraindications for consideration, my view is that I would essentially be "retailing" the oils which would therefore need licensing and the whole lengthy process involved around that. Does anyone have any other thoughts? Feedback would be much appreciated.


Dawn Spragg
28 Apr 2010 1:16PM

I would always take the time to advise that a treatment from and unqualified therapist is really inadvisable. I will sell a specific milder blend which I would create for my client to utilise on themselves only or to be gently massaged in by a friend of colleague but only with the proviso that they book another appointment so I may ensure their on going safety and quality of treatment . Explain that the over utilisation of oils can reduce their benefits and also you could build up and allergy or immunity so strict control has to be utilised in their use. ( Hence wy we nly use oils three times in any treatment regime and then change the oils) After all you would not ask a GP to prescribe a regime of drugs to be administered by and unqualified practitioner would you. Keep up our quality as therapist and be strong and professional at all times. Your Tutor should have been able to advise you on this. Good luck God bless Dawn Spragg Therapist for 15 years and ITEC Tutor
Julie Egginton
1 May 2010 9:41PM

Dawn, thank you for the advice and confirmation. It's always reassuring to know I'm doing the right thing. My training had finished when I got this query, otherwise my tutor would have advised as you suggested.
Julie Egginton
28 Jul 2010 10:43PM

Finally found the answer from the Aromatherapy Council website. Aromatherapy products can only be prepared and "prescribed" for clients following a face 2 face consultation.
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