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Posted by: Jacqueline Anne-Louise Chambers, 26 Jan 2008 6:29PM
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liver disease and massage

I have been informed by a practicing chiropractioner that there is a speacial type of massage to help assist the liver in it`s functions and this can be done as a self treatment. Has anyone heard of this or have any knowledge or information on this. I would be really grateful. Thank you J


Mike Colquhoun
26 Feb 2008 2:35AM

Hi Jackie [? Hope I'm not being presumptious] How very sensible of you to be asking when you're uncertain. I'm sorry my answer's a bit harsh I'm afraid but it is important that you get this right. A Doctor is the sole qualified practioner for any liver disease. Any treatment must be with a Doctor's consent and personally I would not inform a Patient of a method of self treatment for so serious a disorder without a practising doctor's knowledge and agreement. I am not known for failing to take responsibility so I think you may rely on this being sound advice. There is a basic treatment for the liver to assist general function and it is simply effleurage to the liver area with a slight very gentle pump. Self administration is fine BUT and a big but, this is for a healthy liver not a diseased one and you need proper training in any advanced technique like this as well as in how to train your patient. The latter may not seem important but from long experience I can tell you that if a Patient can do it wrong, they will and since any self treatment is aimed directly at their problem they can make a difficulty into a disaster within a week. Training Patients is not for the inexperienced. I can help with any training but you are not listed? so I can't tell how far that would mean you travelling, and also means I have no idea of your training and experience but as a rule of thumb I would not teach anyone with less than three years experience since qualifying and would prefer that you already had a sport massage or remedial massage qualification as well. The liver should feel large but soft, it should not be over tender and certainly not insensitive or numb, if it is hard, tender or numb, even in parts, refer to a Doctor. The most common cause of problems is probably drinking too much over many years, do not expect the Patient to be drunk or even admitting to alcholism. The majority are in denial anyway. Try gentle effleurage over the area in all patients so as to learn what feels right in healthy Patients then when you do come across one that is not right you will just know it. But get trained if you want to treat. If you follow the link to my listing you can e-mail me if you'd like a chat about this or any-other massage related problem or go and have a look at my web site if you want to asses if I know what I'm talking about. The very best of luck with this and I hope I've helped. Yours Mike
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