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Posted by: Kathy Sellwood, 28 Jul 2008 1:48PM
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Massage - is there a maximum no. of hours you can do per day?

Does anyone know if there are any guidelines as to how many hours a therapist can do massage for per day? Or do you know where I could find any information? Basically my manager books in up to 7 hours of massage (this includes holistic and sports massage) and I was told this is too much per day by a tutor at college whilst studying for another course. I did query this with my manager but she doesn't give me an answer either way. If I can find some sort of guidelines I would be very grateful as I am currently drained of energy!! Many thanks Kat


Rose Horwell
30 Jul 2008 9:05PM

Kathy, How can your boss possibly get the "best" from you for their clients if you are constantly exhausted!! It will be felt in the way you give your massages, as you must get tight and tense surely, this will effect your movements. Look after yourself, in turn to look after your clients.
Angelika Liebaert
1 Aug 2008 11:26AM

Kathy, 7 hours massaging is absolitely crazy. I've been working for myself for the past five years and am prone to overwork a bit, as selfemployed people tend to do. I've learned my lessons pritty fast by causing injury to myself and nearly loosing the ability to work as a massage therapist at all. Your manager must have no interest in your longterm options at all, she just seems to use you as needed, a total burn out must be accetabel to her, but it can't be acceptable to you. I don't think it's possible to give general guidlines to a maximum no. of hours you can work a day as it absolutely depends on the individual. Strength, age, general health & fittness, techniques .... . I think you have to decide for yourself what you can do and stick to it. There are always more jobs available, but there is only one "you". If you break yourself you'll have hell of a job fixing yourself again, and I doubt that your manager is going to support you in the meantime. Best of luck Angie
Kathy Sellwood
18 Aug 2008 2:57PM

check out my other post 'suspended from work', posted today under general
Alison MacColl
26 Aug 2008 8:30AM

A senior (beauty) therapist at my gym spa had a cap of 4 hrs per day for massage (all types) for each therapist. I thought that was quite sensible, however, if you are only trained in massage it would depend on breaks during the day, the duration of your treatments (sometimes I'd have several clients for 30 min appts), type of treatments offered and of course temperature of the room - I've seen me exhausted after hot stones because and since learned to have the room a bit cooler for that treatment. The senior therapist at the spa started having problems with her wrists after giving massage for many years and realised that was sensible for her and her staff. Always look after your own well-being first. Kind wishes, Alison
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