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Posted by: Sandra Mary Smith, 25 Jan 2012 10:37AM
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Hi, a new client has requested Indian Head Massage and at consultation (for a reiki treatment) she has told me that she sometimes has flare ups of psorasis and dermatitis. She is completley free of this at the moment. Can someone help with the following :- I can proceed as normal as she is symptom free at the moment ? Avoid affected areas if she does have flare ups? I usually use almonld or grapseed oil for the body, coconut oil for the hair and facial massage cream on the face, does this seem okay ? She says her trigger for flare ups is stress . thank you Sandra


Amanda Clegg
25 Jan 2012 11:29PM

Dermatitis or Psoriasis? they are quite different, as dematitis is caused by allergic reaction to a substance on the skin, in which case you'd need to patch test. She will know if she needs to be careful with applying creams and lotions, so discuss patch testing and go for minimum variety. Personally I don't use almond oil any more as it's (a)a bit too sticky and tends to clog pores - there are other much better oils on the market now especially fractionated coconut, and (b) risk of nut allergy (albeit small) I would avoid 'massage creams' on the face in cases where skin is sensitive unless you know they are very pure and dermatologically tested. Many will have chemicals to stabilise and preserve. I would use jojoba oil - not known anyone to react to that (yet). It's extremely nutritious for the skin, easily absorbed and as it is technically a wax it leaves a very thin protective layer on the skin, especially good if you are in an urban area with lots of pollutants.
Sandra Mary Smith
31 Jan 2012 10:20AM

Thanks Amanda, Have taken on board your suggestion on oils. She told me she gets both conditions. Sandra
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