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Posted by: Kathryn Kemp, 6 Jan 2012 8:42PM
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Massage after cortisone injection

Hi, can anyone advise how long after a cortisone injection to the shoulder a client can be massaged (deep tissue) - I'm getting conflicting information. Many thanks. Kathy


Nicki Lee
17 Jan 2012 6:54PM

Hi, I've left a long reply to this in the general discussion thread. Nicki
Mike Colquhoun
26 Jan 2012 12:07PM

Hi Kathryn Strictly speaking the area should be massaged immediately after the injection to disperse the cortizone, I have had two patients where this was not done and in both cases the result was a hole burnt in the muscle tissue with surrounding scar tissue. It was months later that they came to me after trying others, I started them on a low dilution of Frankinsence daily and after a month or so started trying to break down the scar tissue, in the mean time I was treating the cause of their problem which had led to them having the injection in the first place. Both had successful outcomes. Hope this is no help as your patient never has this problem. Yours Mike
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