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Posted by: Alison Wood, 11 Nov 2005 10:02AM
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Massage after exercise

I was wondering if anybody could tell me whether or not it is ok to massage somebody after exercise if there muscles feel tight and sore or even the next day?


Lorraine Wright
11 Nov 2005 7:28PM

sometimes it is good to massage after sport, like I took part in the great north run, being the massure massaging the runners legs and feet, but I would not massage after someone has being to the gym or exercising in a fitness centre as the body is to hot, adreline is pumping around the body. thanks lorraine wright
Dora Jackson
1 Dec 2005 11:55PM

ABSOLUTELY!!! That's actually one of the best times to get a massage. Muscles that have been worked are swimming in metabolites and one of the best ways to prevent soreness is to get a massage soon after. The depth of the treatment should be directly related to the intensity of the workout. The more intense the workout the easier you'll have to take the massage, giving the muscles a chance to settle down. Encourage the client to keep you up to date on how they're feeling and be as honest as possible. Hope this helps.
Nicki Lee
16 Feb 2006 12:55AM

Post exercise massage is definitely indicated. You obviously need to have them cooled down just a bit, and a shower is helpful (it's not nice putting oil on sweat, although I've done it at events). The massage should not take the place of post exercise cool down and stretching, which helps remove toxins and prevent stiffness, but it will help as well. As they've warmed up you can usually work fairly deeply, and a lot of drainage is the key. Don't work too hard at this time into any trigger points, that may be better done during maintenance. But this is a good time to assess if any injuries are developing. You may be interested in doing a Sports Massage course, which should teach you pre and post event (or training) massage as well as sports maintenance. Otherwise, an excellent resource is 'Sport and Remedial Massage' by Mel Cash. Good luck and have fun with it. Nicki Lee
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