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Posted by: Lesley Matthews, 8 Jun 2010 4:11PM
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Massage following Liposuction


Lesley Matthews
8 Jun 2010 4:16PM

Sorry, I pressed send by mistake! I have a new client who has requested bi-weekly lymphatic massage for the next 4 weeks. The work was carried out 3 weeks ago and have recommended the onset and frequency. I'm perfectly happy to provide general massage which will encourage lymph drainage and speed up the healing process but wonder if any of you have had specific advice to offer. Thanks in advance Lesley
Andrea Little
29 Aug 2010 10:02PM

Hi could I ask where she has has liposuction I work with lymphoedema and lipoedema and could offer information if she has either condition Regards Andrea
Lesley Matthews
30 Aug 2010 8:49PM

Thanks for replying Andrea, I have been treating this client for many weeks now with good results. But I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Regards Lesley
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