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Posted by: Brenda Hynes, 4 Feb 2007 7:38PM
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Maternity Reflexology

My client is into her second trimester. How often is safe to treat (fortnightly/ monthly in order to get the cumulative benefits)? I'm using very light treatments and they appear to be effective as some of her symptoms are lessening. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. many thanks Brenda


Helen Dicks
15 Feb 2007 12:06AM

Hi Brenda, It would depend on how your client is feeling and whether she could afford regular treatment. The optimum would be every two weeks to keep hormones balanced and prepare the body for labour. This would also give her the opportunity to "tune" into her baby and take time to relax. So many women are rushing around these days that they aren't mentally prepared to give birth. If she can't afford fortnightly treatments then I would suggest tailoring treatments to what's going on in her pregnancy. Most women feel really well during the second trimester and she may want to leave treatments to monthly visits and see how she responds. This is an ideal time for her to tune into what's happening to her body and her growing baby. If she starts to experience backache then that might be a prompt to have more regular treatment. Reflexology can be really effective for reducing blood pressure and oedema and also for anxiety. I spend time talking to pregnant clients about how they feel about labour and becoming a parent. Many midwives are so busy they don't have alot of time to discuss the little worries that crop up. I find that we can bridge the gap in this area. Also suggesting support groups like the NCT so that she can meet other pregnant women. I usually suggest having weekly treatments for the last 6 weeks of the pregnancy and twice weekly if she goes over her due date. Susanne Enzer runs a good Maternity Reflexology course. See www.maternity-reflexology-diary.com. Email:susanne_enzer@hotmail.com. Pregnancy reflexology is a discipline in its own right. There are lots of issues we need to be aware of so would recommend this course. Hope this helps. Helen Dicks
Brenda Hynes
20 Feb 2007 9:31AM

Thanks Helen! I think I probably will do a course to increase my knowledge. I've found also just by reading and researching has been helpful, even my local library has lots of books on maternity and pregnancy. I think friends and family, and soon everyone is going start thinking that I'm the one who's expecting! Anyway, I'm going to get Suzanne Enzers book as a few people have recommended her also. thanks again, Brendax
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