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Posted by: Debbie Murphy, 5 Apr 2013 12:30AM
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Hello Any advice on ladies who are going through the menopause and can't sleep - best therapies for them? Cheers Debbie :)


Amanda Clegg
5 Apr 2013 1:07AM

Wild yam and black cohosh, and heath &heather nightime blend herb tea! Cotton sheets and a very light duvet with a celluar banket on top so you can strip off the layers!
Rosemary Frost
5 Apr 2013 5:39PM

I've found Aromatherapy, Yoga and Accupuncture helpful,amoungst other things, but its personal preference, and experience. A good book on the subject is 'Your change your choice' the integrated approach, by Michael Dooley and Sarah Stacey.
Debbie Murphy
6 Apr 2013 3:11PM

Thank you Debbie :)
Urvashi Patel
9 Apr 2013 3:11PM

soya milk is good for the hot flushes. And my client has found that Reflexology has really helped her mood swings.
Debbie Murphy
13 Apr 2013 4:24PM

Thank you :)
George Dunmow
29 Apr 2013 11:15AM

My sister is going through the menopause and once a week she comes to me for a Craniosacral Therapy session. She swears that it has helped her cool down, relax, become less stressed and she can now get a good nights sleep.
Debbie Murphy
29 Apr 2013 1:25PM

George, That's interesting. I will have to look that up (never heard of it). Thanks again. Debbie :)
Angela Smith
14 May 2013 12:26PM

What about supplements? Evening primrose oil combined with a multi vit/mineral is brilliant. Also, acupuncture for hormonal imbalance
Debbie Murphy
14 May 2013 11:07PM

Thanks :)
Rosalind Ivison
2 Jul 2013 11:59AM

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