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Posted by: Michelle Hall, 27 Aug 2010 4:00PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Mini 1/4 hr treatments

Hi, would you recomend that the contraindication form be the same for a 1hr treatment as it is for a mini one? If they are one off mini treatments at a pamper party for example what would you advise?


Amanda Clegg
27 Aug 2010 5:06PM

I just do this verbally - in 15 mins you are not going to be doing any deep tissue work or other more invasive massage, so just check BP issues, pregnancy, epilepsy, diabetes, skin problems like eczema & known allergies. However, it is well worth getting an email address for your future marketing! good luck
Helen Sullivan
7 Sep 2010 9:47AM

Hi I use a disclaimer with all the contra-indications listed and get the clients to read & sign. I use these for therapies at work and any pamper event, whether this is done to raise funds for a charity or at professional rates. good luck, and watch your timings, you can't afford to go over as this will put your whole schedule out. To cut costs consider paper towel roll rather than towels (especially if you are doing this to raise funds for chrity and not getting paid, you can reclaim mileage but not your laundry costs) take care Helen
Amanda Clegg
7 Sep 2010 9:55AM

Interesting point about timings & expenses. Not sure about charity expense claims, but your washing mashine and tumble dryer are capital items if you are self employed, so your accounts person will be able to offset cost against tax in your next tax return. Also, all your laundry soaps etc can go into business expenses - I list them under Salon Consumables, along with oils, flowers for my treatment room, paper towels, baby wipes etc. I use paper towel for speed and economy,but also find that cotton sheets cut and hemmed to slightly larger than your couch are great instead of a towel - much much quicker and easier to launder. Good luck - and remember to get their names for your mailing list! Amanda
Jacki Stephen
26 Aug 2011 5:48PM

when you say that you do a 15 mins session, what does that cover, asIm thinking of doing some pamper nigths and have just qualified as a holistic massage therapist, but dont know what to chrge either. so girls. what do you charge ad what for? and what does the 15 mins cover?
Amanda Clegg
26 Aug 2011 7:01PM

I actually try to arrange 20 min or half hour sessions and charge between £12 and £15 depending on what I'm doing - either a quickie aromatherapy facial/face massage, Indian head, or a pared-down back/neck/shoulders routine - just cut out the repeats and don't do too much deep tissue work - if you find problems you can usually get themto book a longer private session wiht you! If I'm doing a faical I always give them some sachet testers of the skincare products I retail. ONe of the schools I go to has a great system whereby the money is paid at the time of the booking wiht the PTA lady who organises it. This means you don't have to faff with money at the end of the session, and no-shows aren't a problem coz they've already paid. She just then takes their PTA cut and sends us a cheque or gives us cash on the night, with a receipt.
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