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Posted by: Roushan Martens, 13 Oct 2008 10:26PM
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Miscarriage-causing pressure point in neck/shoulders??!!

I saw a client last week for indian head massage who is trying to conceive. She told me that her tai chi teacher told her there is a point somewhere around the neck/shoulders which, when pressed, can cause miscarriage. I was completely unaware of this... Does anyone know anything about it? I have agreed to give very gentle IHM to this client, with her consent, but this idea is a bit disturbing, and I said to her I would ask the forums about it. Help?


Angela Rawlins
20 Nov 2008 6:33PM

Hi Roushan Consult your Indian Head teacher, he/she may be aware of the point if there is one.
Roushan Martens
20 Nov 2008 8:58PM

Thanks Angela - I actually posted this on general discussion as well, and you gave me helpful information there already! This is good advice too, though :)
Angela Rawlins
21 Nov 2008 5:28PM

Roushan You could enquire from an acupuncturist, they are more likely to know. I meant to ask the lady giving our talk last night but unfortunately forgot:(
Ashling Cullen
19 Aug 2011 7:58PM

I realise that this discussion is a few years old but thought I would add my comments as they may be of use to someone. I can confirm that a miscarriage point is located on the top of the shoulders and therefore strong pressure should not be used in this area during pregnancy.
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