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Posted by: Kathy Scott, 4 May 2009 9:20PM
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Multiple Sclerosis

I have been asked to do a home visit to give an Indian Head treatment to a lady who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis. It would appear that her condition is fairly advanced as I am told she has no mobility whatsoever but is able to hold her head up as she does have a hairdresser visit her to do her hair. I have not encountered this situation before and wondered if anyone had any advice as to how I should adapt the treatment. I am also not sure if there is no mobility whether that also means there is no feeling in her hands/arms etc.


Luzita Isabella Hill
5 May 2010 9:35PM

Hi I have worked with MS clients and have found that even with only head movement, being the only movement they have that the body responds well,I practise cranial sacral reflexology and Reiki and whilst having a treatment, one lady who could only move her head would be able to lift her arms with ease to touch her face and hair,you need to start very gently,if the client has a spasm it is a release. I think it also depends where the MS first started, and remember she wants the treatment,treat her not the disease.You could also get in touch with a local MS group.I know its not the same treatment but I hope this helps.
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