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Posted by: Gabe Stewart, 25 Nov 2014 12:05AM
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Muscle atrophy

My name is Gabe from Edinburgh and this is my first query on the forum. My question is: a client asked me if massage can help her 85-year-old friend who, as a result of recent hospitalisations, has severe muscle atrophy. My initial research, and gut feeling, is that massage can only help once muscles are built up a bit first, through an exercise programme or electric therapy. I have yet to meet the lady for an initial assessment, but have been told that her "skin is hanging off her". she has had trouble getting NHS physio and for some reason she is keen to try deep tissue massage, but I just have a feeling it is inappropriate for her. What are other people's thoughts/ideas/experiences?


Mike Colquhoun
25 Nov 2014 10:26AM

Hi Gabe Your hesitation is understandable, not deep tissue your ordinary Swedish massage will do the trick along with exercise. Yours aye Mike
Gabe Stewart
25 Nov 2014 12:54PM

Thanks Mike. V helpful :)
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