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Posted by: Lydia Nightingale, 13 May 2006 2:13PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

No Hands Massage/ Gerry Pyves

has anyone been on a Gerry Pyves course? i'm interested to have some feedback as i would like to learn some techniques to protect my wrists, hands and thumbs. do you feel the course was useful? what do your clients think? i know someone who went on a different 'hands-free' course in london, but she felt she just went back to the old techniques that she was familiar with. thanks for any comments


Rosemary Johnson
13 May 2006 4:11PM

I went to a seminar he was giving at one of the trade fairs. He seemed to be promoting a great Gerry Pyves personal mystique (ego??) as much as specific massage sills or techniques. It sounded from the seminar as if the courses are likely to be similarly high on the weird and wonderful mystique stuff. Lots of people were walking out, and outside were people handing out leaflets from Injury Prevention Massage suggesting we might like to cut through the whackiness and come to them for practical health-preservation stuff. What's more, the very person who'd been busy earlier asssuring me it would be safe for me to come to the seminar - I have very dodgy eyesight, and my eyes are damaged by camera flashguns, so everywhere I want to go, I have to spend ages trying to find someone able and willing to say there aren't going to be any - this same person promptly popped a flashbulb right in my face and needless to say it hurt like hell as well as burning off yet another piece of my little remaining eyesight. I did not book for his course. SOme people, on the other hand, seem t think he and his courses are great. Maybe it is horses for courses? Rosemary
Nicki Lee
17 May 2006 11:14PM

I went on the 3 day introductory course. I have never experienced such poor teaching quality, and I agree with the previous writer that there seemed to be a 'cult' atmosphere. One of the (many) things I disliked was that when we gave each other treatments, as a client we were forbidden to give feedback to the practitioner - apparently because in the real world our clients won't give us feedback. Although some people seem to think Gerry invented no hands massage, there are many other schools and books teaching techniques using arms, elbows, reinforced wrists, etc. Any good course on deep tissue work will most likely demonstrate different ways of working to spare fingers and thumbs as well. Best of luck, Nicki
Kelly Bentley
23 Jun 2006 10:42PM

Hi, I did the level 1 IPM training. Jennifer Longmore was very good and I can recommend doing the course. If you want to know more about it, IPM do a DVD which counts as 3 CPD credits. I have a copy and use it to refer to occasionally. It's very well done, precise and lots of close ups on how to carry out the techniques. Again, it's well worth it if you're interested but undcided about doing a course. Kelly
Stephanie Harding
27 Jul 2006 3:48PM

I enrolled on the 'Back to Basics' seminar and was very sceptic as all the bumph that i received seemed OTT. I went along fully expecting a fruitcake. However, I was proved absolutely wrong. His course was fantastic. The technique is extremely effective with zero strain on joints. In fact, i found it much more intersting / enjoyable to do. Foe the first time in ages ( and even having swedish massages as often as possible ) my back felt really loose and knot free. He does challenge all we have been taught about tradional massage in the past which some people find hard to accept. But I found it inspiring and it gave me renewed enthusism for a therapy ( swedish mass ) that I was think of giving up as i just didnt enjoy doing it anymore. I hope to go on the practitioner course as soon as I am able. And , No, I am not employed by him !! Just a very satisfied Therapist ! It can come over as a bit 'Happy Clappy' but - it works.
Sheila Briscoe
20 Jan 2007 2:10PM

Hi there, I went on the introductory course as I was worried about my back and joints too. I hadn't been to a seminar so did not experience the "cult atmosphere". The course was taught very well by an oriental lady from London (name escapes me), and we all interacted really well. The course is physical hard work - all practical - builds up your thigh muscles! I use the techniques in all of my massages and find that clients really enjoy them - plus I don't feel as physically tired either. They use lower couches so that you lean over your client but with all the pressure coming from the legs. For this reason, it would be advantageous to have an adjustable couch so that you can change the height for different clients. I really enjoyed the course and I enjoy using the techniques. Hope this helps Sheila
Lesley Marian Rhodes
8 Mar 2007 8:59PM

I attended the No Hands Back to Basics Massage Seminar on Transforming Touch. It was truly amazing. Very well organised, and an outstanding course. I would say one of the most demanding and informative courses I've ever attended. They packed so much into 3 days. On the Saturday, we were working constantly for 11 hours with a 10 minute break. There were over 80 Therapists attending the Course. Everyone that I spoke to were very enthusiastic about the training. You felt the treatment You observed the treatment and You gave the treatment I find that is the best way to learn. The tutors were very experienced and knowledgeable and keen to help. I had a bad back and had wondered if I would manage the whole weekend. After the first part of the treatment, not even touching the skin,that particular treatment was with towel and fully clothed, my back was no longer causing me pain. As Lydia Nightingale says, the massage comes from your body weight and doesn't cause any discomfort to the hands, wrists or back. I no longer wish to do the Swedish Massage. I feel so enthusiastic about the No Hands Back to Basics Massage. The results were fantastic. After each treatment the clients all walked around the room and were encouraged to say how they felt. We were encourage as part of the contract to give feedback to the Therapist after the treatment ...3 things we experienced during and/or after the treatment. Infact my Tutor actually asked if I'd given feedback. It was Fantastic...Apart from my Quads and Hamstrings...they were crying out.But in time this would ease and it's much cheaper than going to the gymn. I feel that because there is little strain on the back that with practice you would be energised giving this treatment and would be able to give more treatments each day, without feeling drained.
Olivia Goodfellow
11 Aug 2008 9:34PM

Hello all, I have just found this question and instantly wish to reply.I have been on all the No Hands Courses and two summerschools to date.This method of massage has transformed the way I work and given me a new momentum in my work, both with private clients and corporate ones in the City.Yes of course there are a variety of therapists on each and every course but we also see a wide variety of clients and I would hope not be so judgemental about them!Gerry may be seen by some to have an "ego" but then doesn't that apply to all people who have a passion for what they do? I teach deep tissue massage as a CPD course and always recommend NHM to my students,as I know that if you are successful and busy, you need to protect yourself, if you want a long career.All I can say is that I have never been so busy with clients,(making so much money as a result) and as I work with a lot of males, this can only be down to the fact my energy levels are good at 10am or 6pm, when I have been seeing people back to back.I think that why some therapists find the transforming touch a bit weird is that we are so conditioned to the white uniform and "where are you going for your holidays" hairdresser speak, that to actually feel the true power of touch and healing is way to scary for some folk. Don't get me wrong-I am not a hippy in flip flops-I work at Canary Wharf and the New York Stock Exchange in London-I am a business woman with a passion for keeping demanding clients feeling great and No Hands has enabled me to look forward to each and every booking.I never pay for anything other than NHM for myself,as I know that the therapist will be simply the best.Namaste-Olivia
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