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Posted by: Roger Douglas Low, 16 Jan 2019 2:54PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Can anyone advise me on a good method to reduce fluid retention?


Amanda Clegg
16 Jan 2019 3:01PM

Hi Roger, it's quite a specialised area, and treatment will depend on what is causing the oedema. Your first stop would of course be your gp to ascertain reasons. Then a properly qualified lymphoedema therapist should be able to help (Dr Vodder or equivalent - DO make sure it isn't just a weekend or short course they have completed, as this is not enough). My go-to therapist for referrals is Rosie Gardener at Flourishing Health in Guildford (I don't know where you live)- she will probably be able to refer you on to a similarly qualified colleague if you live elsewhere.
Kerrie Chinn
18 Jan 2019 9:02AM

Hi, with my clients I only ever use VERY gentle effleurage for oedema and obviously never, ever work over overly swollen or damaged skin. Lymph drainage is one of the best therapies but do make sure you do proper research on courses as there are some very shoddy ones out there. They should be longer than a weekend! I also recommend elevation to help venous return. It is a very simple and effective solution to every day fluid retention in legs. Obviously, proper diagnosis for the causes of fluid retention is essential beforehand. All the best, Kerrie
Wendy Alexandrar
20 Jan 2019 9:13AM

Also get in touch with a local homeopath as homeopathy gets to the underlying challenge creating the specific.
Roger Douglas Low
7 Feb 2019 12:07PM

Thanks to Amanda, Kerrie, and Wendy for the advice. I have followed all this for my client whom I have been treating for several years. She has had several problems but does well , just finding it difficult to walk some 9 months following a hip op. I'm very experienced with disabilities over 45 years now! The medical profession doesn't seem to have an answer for her although I do get good reduction for her it's only short lived.I'll check out the homeopath route again. Thanks again.
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