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Posted by: Deidre Szymura, 16 Mar 2008 4:30PM
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Oral Lichen planus

I have a client who usually receives an aromatherapy back/neck/shoulder/head and face massage every 6 weeks or so. She has recently been diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus. I have looked up various sites to find out about it and one of the issues it has flagged up is that there may be a rare but increased risk ( 1-2% ) of developing mouth cancer. No one really knows what causes OLP, stress seems indicated. I am wondering if a facial massage would still be OK - only lasts about 5 mins and I cannot see any difference in this to the client applying moisturising cream? I did attend a workshop yesterday about Adapting Aromatherapy for Cancer care and pre-cancerous conditions did not appear to be a problem as it is something that may not happen. However of course my remit is to do no harm - any thoughts welcome. Dee Szymura
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