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Posted by: Tania Chew, 18 Jun 2011 4:30PM
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Osteoarthritic toes

I have a patient coming to see me next week. He says his job involves standing up on his feet, however, has been told by a physio to relax and carry out toe stretches. From what I understand he has been told he has osteoarthritis and tight tendons running into his digits. Hes coming to me for chiropody and says he would like some reflexology. Because I only recently passed as a reflexologist, I would like to have any input whatsoever as to the massage technique. I dont think it would make his toes any worse by providing reflexology / massage or am I wrong?


Cameron Reid
19 Jul 2011 1:48PM

Dear Tania, No you will not make him worse. Firstly you want to find out if he has arthritic toes or not. This is rather unusual, it is likely he has an arthritic big toe . Foot wear is really important you know, but from a treatmnet point of view work on the plantar fascia longitidinally, and stetch his calf. He may be unaware of the homeworkable technique of running a tennis ball up and down his foot to loosen the plantar fascia. Check what shoes he wears at work, and does he need orthotics. Ask him to walk up and down a hallway in bare feet, see how he walks, very often you will see a few clues to the reason his feet are painful. Check what her wears on his feet at home, no slippers !but good supporting shoes with the laces tied up. Let me know how he gets on, Cameron Reid
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