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Posted by: Sandra Mary Smith, 5 Sep 2012 9:08AM
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pamper/taster sessions

Hi everyone, would anyone be willing to email me a copy of a consultation form suitable for use at pamper/taster sessions. I will be offering Indian Head Massage and would like to cross reference one from someone experienced who has already used one to the one I have drawn up from my main consultation form. I want to avoid making errors. thanks in anticipation, Sandra sandy-m-smith@ntlworld.com


Wendy Westley
6 Sep 2012 6:56PM

Hi there I have a couple of types of forms but I have found for events, the briefer the better as time can be a pressure. I'm not sure I can send it here but I will try to send you a proforma via email. Essentially you need the client's basic details, history of surgery/illness/accident within the last year and information about anything that may contraindicate IHM for example: strokes, prolapsed discs in neck and upper back, uncontrolled BP, diabetes, epilepsy, chemotherapy, arthritis as being the main ones. I normally ask for an outline of medication and allergies. I get them to sign they have been open about the health declaration, although legally I am not sure that releases us from any liability. Having some of these conditions, as you know, may not necessarily exclude them for IHM but I will note their comments eg diabetes is well controlled and skin is in good condition. Hope this helps, KR Wendy
Sandra Mary Smith
7 Sep 2012 5:55PM

Thank you so much Wendy, for your reply, help and the forms you have emailed me, I havnt done a pamper event before so want to be well prepared and can compare my own ideas with yours, Kind Regards Sandra :)
Wendy Westley
10 Sep 2012 8:44AM

Pleasure. I work with cancer patients and family carers and I love doing events!! I meet amazing people, and it gives me the opportunity to help a large number, hopefully. Key tips are getting there early to set up and mentally prepare (you are doing that already it seems!). Keep to time -I am normally given time slots. Have an alternative pamper therapy in case someone can't have IHM. (I offer Reiki or Hand Massage.) That way no one goes away disappointed. Good luck! Wendy
Ingrid Belsham
19 Sep 2012 7:01PM

Hello, I hope nobody minds me jumping in on this thread? I am newly qualified and have some pamper events booked to try to increase my client base. I am offerinng mini hand/arm massages to start with and have been wondering what others do regarding a consultation form/disclaimer in this type of situation? My treatment will be less than 10 mins so don't want to be doing reams of paperwork. I was thinking of making up an A4 sheet with the contra-indications listed, and a disclaimer that the clients can read & sign. Does anyone have a copy of thier own form that they will kindly lend me so that I can compare with my own? Or any advice for a newly qualified starter? Thank you in advance, Ingrid
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