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Posted by: Liz Webster, 13 Jan 2010 6:51PM
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Petrolleum free Cream/Balm for Reflexology Treatments

Hi there, Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions for a cream or balm to use during reflexology. I've been on Tony Porter's ART seminars and although his cream works very well for reflexology I am resistant to use a petrolleum based product as I use natural products as much as possible. I have been using Essentially Oils' Epione Cream but would prefer something less runny. Any ideas will be great.


Anne McBride
16 Jan 2010 5:37PM

I find strictly professional massage cream is wonderful though it does have petrolleum in it. This cream was recommended to me by a lady called Olive Kendal who is an osteopath and holistic therpist. It is easily absorbed into the skin and glides on smoothly. I have never had any problem with it whatsoever. Once you start using it you will not go back to anything else. I hope you find this useful. You can purchase this cream from Sally's, they have outlets up and down the country.
Julie Egginton
24 Jan 2010 12:22PM

I've seen a beeswax based balm called Niki's Original Reflexology Foot Balm being advertised. Contact details are www.thecomplementarytherapyclinic.co.uk TEL: 0118 9894832. Not being a reflexologist I've not used it myself. Regards
Teresa M. Wright
26 Jan 2010 2:49PM

I use Tui Refexology wax, which is made from organic ingredients. I have also just started making my own so i can had aromatherapy oils to suit each client. Teresa
Teresa M. Wright
26 Jan 2010 2:50PM

I use Tui Reflexology wax, which is made from organic ingredients. I have also just started making my own so I can add aromatherapy oils to suit each client. Teresa
Liz Webster
27 Jan 2010 3:58PM

Thank you everyone for feedback - I'll enjoy trying out the different suggestions!
Dawn Spragg
28 Apr 2010 1:31PM

Depending on the viscosity of the medium you want to utilise I would make my own or I can recommend the seaweed Body cream from Essentailly yours WWW.essentially-yours.co.uk All of their products are free of Petro-chemicals Mineral oils Animal ingredients Parabens and preservatives check them out. I have utilised their product for over 10 years in my practice for facials and body treatments and I have also taken them in to the college where I teach as the kits for my Beauty student ITEC Beauty professional for the last 4 years. Good luck God bless Dawn Spragg WWW.healinghandsaromatherapy.co.uk Therapist and ITEC Tutor
Angela Rawlins
30 Apr 2010 5:01PM

Hi I have also been using Tui Balme for Reflexology clients for years and find it the best medium ever> :))
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