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Posted by: Greta Lange, 11 Sep 2012 2:22PM
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Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Dear All I have a potential client living in london who asked me if i could advise her on an alternative treatment for Polycystic ovary syndrome. I saw that it relates to having high levels of male hormones androgen and that there is a need to decrease insulin levels. What can help it apart from sterilisation? I thought that there may be a treatment specific to balancing hormones, working with neurological system or help with these particular chemicals etc... would acupuncture, cranial sacral , reflexology help or evan any nutrition or herbal remedies?? Anyone deal with it or know someone i can refer client to or have any tips for massage points to work on? I am a swedish, hot stone, lomi lomi massage therapist currently studying NSRT (near skeletal re-alignment therapy). Thank you for your time Greta


Saqib Rashid
11 Sep 2012 2:28PM

You can treat this very condition with the use of Homeopathy and Orthomolecular medicines. My website address is: www.wellnesshp.com
Nicki Lee
11 Sep 2012 3:49PM

Hi Greta, From what I know of the condition and of your treatments, while you may be able to offer much needed stress relief and relaxation I don't believe your modalities will get rid of the condition or alleviate the more serious symptoms. I would be cautious in advising other alternative treatment I wasn't familiar with myself and that haven't been tested. PubMed is a website that has a lot of information which has been tested and reviewed so that may be a good place to begin to look. Best wishes to you and your client, Nicki
Marianne Free Allitt
11 Sep 2012 3:53PM

I have had PCOS since I was 20 (well I was diagnosed at 20). I am now 37. For my own treatment, I have found reflexology and aromatherapy beneficial in helping my symptoms. If you google "Verity PCOS" - you will find a support group for women with PCOS and they have a very good section/forum on complementary therapy. Nutritional advice will also be helpful for your client. They also send out very useful information leaflets on PCOS too.
Marianne Free Allitt
11 Sep 2012 3:54PM

I have never heard or been offered sterilisation for treatment of my PCOS - I wanted to have children and after fertility assisted treatment from the hospital I was able to have 2 children!!
Carla Hanreck
11 Sep 2012 8:52PM

For Hormone Balancing I have found the work of Donna Eden and Energy Medicine for Women invaluable. Her books are aimed at women but even I found them to contain so much information and ways to help yourself balance hormones that it might need you working with your client to go through the self help routines together, rather than just recommending the books. She uses accupressure points in particular routines so some prior knowledge of them by the practitioner is helpful though not essential.
Greta Lange
5 Oct 2012 11:00AM

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to offer your advice, personal and professional. I have spoken to my client and passed on your recommendations Warm regards Greta
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