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Posted by: Joline Saunders, 30 Jan 2012 3:17PM
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Pregnant Client

Hi All, I wondered if I could ask your advice please. I am a qualified massage therapist and have a potential client who is pregnant (over 3 months) ask for a head, neck and shoulder massage. Would it be okay for me to do this for her? I am yet to do a CPD pregnancy massage course. Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Jo


Amanda Clegg
30 Jan 2012 5:46PM

My notes from my ITEC study is that you are fine once the first trimester is over, and if you are doing head neck and shoulders you are in any case nowhere much near the baby! I do wonder, tho, about the warnings about avoiding massage in first trimester, as many people don't even know they are pregnant then!
Joline Saunders
31 Jan 2012 9:11AM

Thanks so much for your reply that was what I was thinking. I was just a little worried as I think there are meridien points in the shoulders that should be avoided during pregnancy but will investigate that further. Thanks very much. Jo
Mai Brain
31 Jan 2012 9:33PM

Hi, Sustained deep pressure of the following pressure points may stimulate uterine contractions: avoid Large Intestine 4: deep in webbing between thumb and index finger. Gallbladder 21: in the upper trapezius. Bladder 31-34: in the sacral foramen. Spleen 6:3 finger widths above the medial malleolus on the posterior tibial border. Liver 3: on the dorsal aspect of the foot at the junction of the bases of the first and second metatarsals. I was told to use light pressure to soothe rather than massage, I use plenty of effleurage,no trigger point work or deep pressure, gentle on ankles, wrists, neck and shoulders. Make sure the client is well supported. If she has a large bump massage in a seated position or in recovery position with upper leg and tummy supported by a pillow. Hope this helps, Mai Brain.
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