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Posted by: Jackie Hilton, 17 Oct 2007 9:26PM
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Reaction to Oils

Hi I have been a therapist now for 2yrs and have never had any problems with grapeseed oil, nor heard of anyone having problems or reactions. My client yesterday has had a reaction. She says she has no allergies and on the previous occasion she had almond oil and no reaction. Her skin was totally itchy and hive like. Has anyone ever had a reaction to grapeseed oil before any advice and does anyone know why she may have reacted to this but not the almond oil? Thanks Jax


Mike Colquhoun
20 Oct 2007 8:02PM

It's a long time since I was really into the base oils but I did know quite a bit once so you need to check my info if at all doubtful. Grapeseed oil is generally considered to be hypoalergenic [low reaction rate] because in the process of extracting it all the enzymes [the good stuff, but that which the body may react against] are 'burnt off' by the amount weight needed to crush the seed generating so much heat that they are destroyed. If you think of it you can't crush them between your teeth they're so hard. Personally I'd prefer to use almond oil as it still has most of it's enzymes and the body usually loves it. [nut allergies excepted] If I had a real problem I'd contact Charles Wells at Essentially oils, he may have 'retired' but he is such a good chap and so knowledgable that I'm certain that he would be willing to chat to you. Hope this helps Mike
Liz Phillips
22 Oct 2007 3:50PM

Hi Jackie If you dont already it is worth using organic oils. I always use Sunflower it is a little more expensive but is lovely to work with. Good luck Liz
Jackie Hilton
22 Oct 2007 4:58PM

Thank you for replying. I usually use Almond Oil permitting and just on this occasion didnt. But I have never heard of a reaction to grapeseed before and the clinic I work at hasnt either. I will follow up on what you have both said. Thanks
Tania Burrows
14 Jan 2008 8:49PM

try waxes they work well as some people develop oil allergies, i had a client who could not have grape seed oil on her skin as she developed a rash. She found beeswax worked fine. (I incorporate aromatherapy oils for sensitive skins).
Jackie Hilton
17 Mar 2008 6:33PM

Thanks for your advice I will look into Organic oils. I do use a wax on occasion but the pots are really small, can you recommend some where I can buy from please. Thanks
Michelle Waters
25 Jan 2014 9:17PM

Michelle Waters
25 Jan 2014 9:18PM

hi I have just come across this thread, does anyone know where I can get organic oils from? thanks
Deborah Sheppard
28 Jan 2014 9:12PM

Hi Michelle, I use 100% organic, cold pressed sunflower oil. I buy it from Amazon and I think the company who make it are called Naissance. I developed contact dermatitis to essential oil blends two years ago, so now sunflower is the only oil I use. Best wishes, Debbie
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