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Posted by: Lisa Stork, 5 Oct 2012 4:23PM
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redness of skin

Hi, I recently treated a client who has ME and suffers stiff aching muscles. She has had some relief to receiving massage and has come back a few times. My concern is she goes very red, only on her scapula area and does not complain of it being sore but I recently read this could be Erythema and to stop treatment immediately if this occurs. To my mind and knowledge I thought redness of the skin was a good sign of good circulation. Should I continue treating this client....?


Amanda Clegg
5 Oct 2012 5:26PM

I've never heard of erythema being a contra-indication - it normally happens to me when I'm massaged and is a result of blood coming to the surface of very fair skin. If I'm recieving any deep tissue work (and lets face it, all us therapists need to be 'done to') I expect it - indicates that the area is warm and worked. However, with an ME sufferer I would probably go a bit easy as it might be too exhausting.
Nicki Lee
5 Oct 2012 6:18PM

I agree with Amanda. Erythema, by itself, is not a contraindication. Some people redden quite easily, and it can be helpful as with those people the red areas frequently indicate a lot of tension. It may be that her scapula area actually needs more treatment, but of course proceeding carefully with someone with a chronic condition. If she feels ok after the session and the next day it should be fine to continue as you have been. Nicki
Mike Colquhoun
8 Oct 2012 10:58AM

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