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Posted by: Joyce Laurie, 8 Nov 2006 1:25PM
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Referring someone to another for treatment.

Hi all, some advice required. A lady phoned when I had nipped out and another therapist took an appointment for me for this lady who had what "to me" sounded like a very severe case of sciatica. I phoned her back and advised her to see a physio, chiro or osteopath as I only do massage, reflexology and reiki. I, personally felt she would be better seeing someone who specialised in musculo-skeletal issues (I prefer stress management and mental health issues) I did however say that if she had no joy with these modalities then I would be happy to see her in the future. Anyway, the other therapist thought I was off my head knocking back business and made me feel a bit stupid , but at the same time I wouldn't have felt right taking this ladies money. What do you think? Was I right or wrong? Joyce


Suzanne Zacharia
24 Nov 2006 9:48PM

Hi Joyce, I am a massage therapist who does Reiki and EFT and successfully combine these 3 therapies to help people with sciatica. Having said that, I do have an extensive scientific background and was a carer for my partner who was severely disabled with a back, hip and leg injury. I am always honest with my massage clients about my credentials and limitations and take each case as it comes. When the problem needs more than what I can offer, I refer and offer the names and telephone numbers of three outstanding osteopaths and one amazing physiotherapist. As you did, with one client a few years back, I referred straightaway to a wonderful osteopath with impeccable standards, and she came back to me for massage, as most of her problem is emotional and she likes the personal touch and talking. She has declined to go to an osteopath again when needed and just came to me for massage, where 3 of my massage sessions achieved what one short session with one of my referral osteopaths would have done. If the problem had been really serious and beyond my massage, I would of course have declined treatment and sent her along to the appropriate professional. I could say the same about at least 10 clients this year. So I started out thinking I was helping the client as well as I should by referring straightaway and ended up realising that they may just want and need my massage. Unfortunately and despite your best intentions, your client may have simply gone to another massage therapist who said yes. Or she may even have been so happy by your advice that she would return to you. And you could always offer Reiki if massage is unsuitable AND refer to the appropriate professional - some people do want to get help from you in particular and don't mind if you can't help with the presenting problem (excuse) they came to you with. Hence imho your colleague's comment.
Sarah Bartram
12 Feb 2007 5:29PM

Hi, I believe you did the right thing. There are three parts to a person mind, body and spirit. I, as a Holistic Practitioner think that i help balance my clients on which ever level is out of line that day. I will refer them to a complementary practitioner, if i think they will benefit from a treatment i do not practise myself. Referrals are a good thing and the Clinic i work for has a great bunch of like minded therapists who all believe in the holistic approach and refer to one another reguarly for the good and well being of the patients. Best Regards Sarah
Christopher Evans
31 Aug 2007 2:17PM

Hi I agree with your other replies. My wife had the conditon in question about 7 years back. I gave her regular reiki sessions which helped, her to be relaxed enough to be reffered to acupuncture practioner;followed by more reiki. she has been free from pain now for six years. I believe it is our duty to refer on if we believe this is the right thing to do and we are not giving the client the outcome they want and expect. you can always start to network this way, by calling the therapist your-self for the client, and at the same time arrange to exchange cards for future referals in both directions. regards, Chris.
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