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Posted by: Ivanna Davies, 3 Jul 2008 10:47PM
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Got a client that has had prosptate cancer 2-3 yrs ago, the pancreas is very prominate it sticks out like a pencil under the skin,is this normal? He has been checked for diabetes and he had the all clear. looking forward to your replies. many thanks Ivanna


Mark Pearson
4 Jul 2008 10:21AM

How sensitive is the pancreas reflex? Is the man well? Is he still taking medication for teh cancer - has he had any recent chemotherapy? All these could lead an answer - maybe he had a puffy pancreas reflex before teh cancer in which case, as long as it is not sensitive to touch, then doing 'supportive' moves and not 'stimulating' moves, would be of benefit. Find out what medication he was on when he had the cancer and research the side effects - it can be very revealling. In my experience it is unlikely that prostate cancer can metasticize in the pancreas - but it could be possible - so assess how 'well' he is and whether he is undergoing any medical procedures at all. Again, reflexology aimed at supporting the body and not stimulating will surely be of benefit to him.
Ivanna Davies
27 Aug 2008 10:13AM

Hi mark how are you today? sorry that i havnt replied to you until now! thanks for your reply to my forum, regarding my client which had a lump in the pancreas area, on the sole. im unsure if the lump was there before he had the cancer as i have only been doing the treatments on him for 6 months, as i only qualified in december im still learning myself. Are you a Reflexologist? these were the medication he was taking at the time, about 3 yrs ago. steroid and cemotherapy injection. He now has hotflushes, he said its due to the medication he was taking when he had the cancer. I havnt mentioned to my client about the lump since he checked himself for diabetes. thanks again ivanna Davies
Mark Pearson
27 Aug 2008 7:32PM

Hi Ivanna Yes I am a reflexologist. Sounds very much like his symptoms are caused by the medication he is/has been taking. It depends on the type of chemotherapy but I suspect he will have had one that is based around female hormones (hence the hot flushes) this is usual for the type of cancer. Regarding the lump on the pancreas, keep an eye on it - see if it becomes more or less sensitive, changes shape, colour or temperature. It could easily be an anomoly on his foot from birth rather than anything to worry about at all! If you are at all unsure contact his GP or MacMillan Nurse, if he had one, and get details regarding the chemo. You can then research it yourself on the internet - a great way to learn!! Good luck Mark
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