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Posted by: Ivanna Davies, 11 Mar 2009 9:16PM
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I have been treating a client with siatica this is getting much better with her but the, last treatment was her 4th, but in the 3rd treatment her liver was inflammed and 4th she had crystals in the liver area. also the 4th treatment crystals in lung,she said that she has an irritation in the throat and feels she wants to clear the throat, and ovary area was bit inflammed, just wondered if anyone had experienced this with any client or have a solution?


Angela Rawlins
13 Mar 2009 6:50PM

Hi Ivanna Liver,(anger) does she know how her cholesterol level? Blood pressure? How is the gall bladder? Gall stones are very common. I send clients off to docs for checks. And I have a blood pressure monitor - a good one and take their pressure:)) Ovary area - ask when she last had a smear and ovary check? I also ask about her menstrual cycle, if she is currently menstruating as I find the ovary area can be tender also the uterus can be. Crystals in the lung - ask about asthma, bronchitis, SMOKING, may be she has had problems long ago with a lung problem - whooping cough, I had a client who'd had that. OR, passive smoking, bonfire can affect clients! Or breathing any bad substance. What does she need to get off her chest??? Throat - perhaps she finds it difficult to speak out! You can always email me Ivanna:))
Gillian Adams/Godfrey
16 Mar 2009 9:10AM

Hi Ivanna, When a client is being treated with a course of 4 to 6 treatments, this will start to clear the inbalances around the body emotionally and physically, so it is quite normal for the reflexologist to feel different areas crystally or tender areas in the foot or even the body at that time, especilly in the first 3 to 4 treatments. It is the body starting to clear and balance the areas that have been overloaded. It is also important, for you as the therapist to refere on if you have a quiery, to visit their doctor for a check but, never diagnose or worry them, as normally it is the process of balancing, don't forget that people are being grounded when you are at their feet and this can be quite powerful but very comforting at the best of times. Some people don't allow themselves to relax, so when they do a whole can of worms can be unleashed, that is then our jobs as professional Reflexologists to do out work. Good luck you know that you are doing the right thing. Best wishes Gill Adams/ Godfrey (Relexologist)
Ivanna Davies
1 Apr 2009 9:50PM

Hi Gillian, thanks for replying to my e.mail regarding my client with crystals on liver etc, im doing her a treatment this saturday and if she still has something on the liver area, im going to send her to the GP for a check up. I hope i wont worry her, but its best in the long run, thanks again, keep in touch.
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